Kid catches bad cop on tape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. monkeyman

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    Saw this on another forum and figured would cros post it here. The kid got thumpped on and threatened by an of duty drunk LEO a couple years ago then arrested and charged for it. The charges were dropped by the grand jury and he was paid off to not sue the cop or PD. He put cameras and such in his car and has caught cops in similar situations a couple other times in the St. Lousi, MO area. Heres the most recent one from last week in a commuter parking lot.

    Cop gone wild- Lying and making threats just part of his job
  2. griffin1340

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    Do I think that the cop was a bit 'over the top?' OH Hell yeah! He basically admitted to being able to make something up so he could arrest the driver.
    But, I think the young man also has a adgenda of his own. I think he knows how to act/position himself to gain a reaction from a cop. He obviously knows that the video evidence would be used in a court case, giving him another settlement award.
  3. RJB

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    I was pulled over by a jackass like that and was as polite as hell. I wish I had the balls that kid has. There are too many bullies on the department who have no regard for the law. The cop obviously thinks he's above the law.

    Good for the kid.
  4. Northwoods

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    it's the way police are trained these days..
    one of the guys i work with got pinched on his R6 going up south st. hill heading out of town. yes he was speeding alot. lost his driveing rights for a bit..after he got that stupid bit of plastic back.....i borrowed his bike to get home one afternoon...
    same officer same hill only i was doing the speed limit. He was so close that all i could see in the mirrors was grill...he was "dareing" me,"pushing"me? he was showing me how much power he had?.... i think not...small town we look after each other...he no longer works for Dover pd.
  5. Blackjack

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    Even so.... there should not be cops like that, don't you agree?
  6. griffin1340

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    No Blackjack. I am agreeing that the badass cop in the vid was over the bounds, for what? Attitude from a kid, he's a jerk who shoulda got beaten up in court over the BS bust. If he did'nt have a sidearm and a tin badge he'd have had his ass handed to him already.
    But the kid was setting himself up to be hassled in the first place.

    There are just a few different types of Cops..
    a. A person who honestly belives and is dedicated to what he/she is doing, and is good at it.
    b. The kid who was the bully in school..
    c. The kid who was bullied.

    I think bad ass cop in the vid was a type 'c' cop.
  7. monkeyman

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    I figure, based on how many run ins the kid has had with screwed up cops, that he dose troll for bad cops. That said I have to say good for him. Cops set up stings for criminals all the time and if the criminals are dumb enouph to go for the bait we generaly figure they are criminals and deserve to go to jail. It seems to me that since the cops dont do well at policeing themselves, for example the other officer present in this case that didnt stop the first, then they need someone policeing them. If this kid goes out and without breaking the law is catching bad cops on tape then great, IMO he is preforming a comunity service by getting rid of bad cops so the rest of us dont have to deal with them.
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