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    Just The Mention Of A Gun In School - Firearm Ban & Recent Events - Long Island Firearms

    "March 1st was just another day when I put my 10 year old, fourth grade son John on the bus and sent him off to school. Or so I thought. On the contrary, today was the day that my life as a gun owner was about to change, dramatically and rapidly.

    Sometime during the day, my son allegedly spoke with a few of his classmates. The boys (excluding my son) were involved in a school yard pushing incident the day before. Two or three of these boys (including my son) were talking about going to the house of the boys that did the pushing. These boys were to take with them a water, paint and bb gun. Word of this got to the principal. She immediately interrogated the children. I received a call from the principal advising me of this just as my son got off the bus. She also advised me that my son was to be suspended for two days because of his words. She decided that this talk amongst students warranted filing a police report. If this wasn't bad enough, the police were sent to my residence and I was advised that my guns may be taken from me. This can't be happening, I thought. But it was.

    The following Monday I received a call from Pistol Licensing that they would be at my residence in the morning to take my guns and suspend my license. I attempted to explain that this must be a mistake, no wrong doing occurred on my part. My son has no access to any of my guns. The officer that came to my residence saw that all my guns were secured.Pistol Licensing was not interested in my side of the story. They were only interested in what happened with my ten year old son in school.

    If you think this can't happen to you, you are wrong. It is happening every day here in American.
    Kids get suspended from school and the aftermath can be as ugly as my situation.

    When will my license be restored? What is involved? What is the cost? These are all questions that I had. Some still remain unanswered. The few answers I have are not at all comforting. According to the police, I can expect to have my license restored when my son is an adult and moves out of my residence. If I don't want to wait that long I can file an Article 78 and request that my license be reinstated. The cost, so far, about $6,500 monetarily. Emotionally, the cost is far, far higher. That can't be calculated. All my handguns are gone, my license is suspended and my long arms are out of the house waiting to be sold at a local store."

    Rest is at link.
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    Poor fella, he's ske-rooed. That's, life in noo yawk. Left it in '78, never been back.
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    At this point that fellow should call the NRA, and see if he can get an NRA Lawyer to file Suit in Federal District Court, for violation of his 2nd Amendment Civil Rights. in that he was deprived of his Gun Rights, without Due Process, in any State Court of LAW, and NOT by any State Court Judge Ruling. Make them PROVE, that this was anything more than a SchoolYard Issue, that REQUIRED such a Drastic Action, and that it certainly violates the Heller and McDonald Rulings. I suspect the local DA will NOT want to get in front of a Federal District Judge and defend such Actions, and will quietly FIX IT, as long as he keeps quiet about the deal.
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    I have no idea why I put it was from Maryland on the subject line. But yeah, NY.
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    We, who live in a Free Red State, do NOT have these problems.... and when the NEA Thugs get to Upity, we send them back to the FlatLands, with a "Don't let the Door, hit you in the A$$, on your way out of the State" sign, tattoo'd on their_______________. (fill in your special Body part)
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    Dang it BT, quit sending them back will ya. With all that wilderness seems there must be a place to put them and still not have to feed them."know what I mean Vern?"
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    Sure do... HOWEVER, it is better for them if they just LEAVE, or Grow Up and put their Big Person Panties on... NEA Thugs usually come here, right out of college, with "Stars in their eyes". This is their FIRST Teaching Position. They arrive, thinking Alaska is just a Big Park, for their enjoyment, and they are going to teach the Natives, what civilization is ALL About. They get real disillusioned, after the first Month, and many quit before Thanksgiving. A few make it to Christmas, and there are a very few that make thru the first winter. Those that do, pretty much convert to our way of life, and those that don't LEAVE... or move the the FEW Big Towns, where their kind can survive, in anonymity....

    Just a NOTE, here: Last fall, one of these "Starry Eyed" NEA Thugs was out "Jogging' one morning, before school, on the road between Chignik Lagoon, Alaska, and it's Airstrip, 1/2 Mile down the south side of the lagoon, from town. She was jumped by what apparently was a PAIR of Staving Wolves, Killed, and Eaten. The VPSO (Village Police Safety Officer, an unArmed Position with No Police Powers) found some remains, later than morning. The State Troopers were called, and the local Wolf Pack, was killed, by a organized Village Hunt, a few days later. To bad for the Wolves.... First confirmed wolf Killed Human, in Alaska in a century..... .....
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    Along with the original posting, the following article shows how feeble minded some educators have become across the country.
  9. PlumbNutz

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    Kindergartner back at school after Hello Kitty bubble gun suspension

    1826664. By The Associated Press
    on January 31, 2013 at 8:18 AM

    MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. — A 5-year-old kindergartner is headed back to class in central Pennsylvania after being suspended for comments she made to another girl about a pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles.

    Officials say the girl, whose name has not been released, told one of her classmates in the Mount Carmel Area School District she was going to shoot her with a Hello Kitty pink bubble gun earlier this month. She was later suspended 10 days, but the discipline was reduced to two.

    The Patriot-News reports that Robin Ficker, an attorney representing the family, says the girl will return to class at Mount Carmel Elementary School on Thursday.

    Ficker has said the girl didn't even have the bubble gun with her and has never fired a real gun.

    --The Associated Press
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    The guy in the OP's article should have hidden his firearms in another location the moment he learned that any kind of goverment entity (police, school, etc.) was becoming involved in his life. He should have taken them out of state and put them in a storage locker until the whole thing blew over. He should have also pulled his child out of school and started homeschooling him at that point.

    Never, ever, ever "call the draft board" or try to reason with thugs with guns.

    Let this all be a big lesson to all of you.
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    No not a chance, handguns in NY are listed by serial number on your permit,
    They have real registration there, no one else can borrow or (in theory) even use your handguns. While long guns do not require the same I'd bet you dollars to dognuts the cops have a copy of every 4473 you ever filled out and will tear your home apart knocking down walls, digging up the basement and yard unless you can prove beyond any doubt "That's all I have Officer".

    Give 'em up or go to jail, hell if they charge you under the Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act you can disappear, no writ of habeas corpus, no phone call, indefinite detention, just *POOF* and you're g-o-n-e. [OO]
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    WOW,yet another path where gun registration leads to confiscation, who'da thunk it?

    The guy definitely needs to call the NRA or GOA and get a legal team on his side.
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    One thing I drilled into the rent-a-kid's head before she started school here was that she is NEVER required to talk to ANYONE at that school. Not the principal, not the teachers, and certainly not a cop, without me or an attorney present. The schools around here like to get kids into the office over the dumbest stuff and interrogate them with a cop standing there, because the cop freaks 'em out and they blab nonstop, mostly throwing each other under the bus. Told her if that ever happened, to immediately tell them you will say nothing until your legal guardian is present, and then STFU no matter WHAT they claim so and so said they did.
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    Very sage advice DW.... Wish most parents did the same for their Kids....
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