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    I have had mine for quite a few years now. When I did my research prior to buying, I read that spouses tend to like it and end up taking it. So when I eventually ordered mine, I bought two. My wife used hers for a while until it was appropriated by the little monkey in short order. She still uses hers too when it is cooler.


    Good size
    Light weight
    Wind break
    Water resistant
    Packs down reasonably small
    Integral stuff sack
    Has paranoid tie loops


    Noisier than natural materials
    Slipperier than natural materials
    Integral stuff sack
    Paracord loops can be hard and pokey

    I find it great to throw over myself when it is chilly, especially when it is windy. Cutting the wind makes a huge difference to me. Ideally, I would pair it with a wool blanket and that is a great and versatile tandem. I usually do that when I go camping. I like taking a light cotton sheet too. Silk would be better, but more expensive. And being in Hawaii, the cotton sheet is fine. Those three things can make for a comfortable night's sleep in most situations I find myself in.

    While it has the paracord tie points, I have not used them. But you could to make it behave more like a sleeping bag. Or an underquilt for a hammock.

    Now, I am not a cold weather expert. I have only used the woobie to about 50 degrees.

    So why this review? Well, today was usually chilly, wet and windy. So even though we were at the field for my daughter's soccer game 1, there was no sun and it was cold in the wind. So after being in the blustery wind for about two and a half hours, we were cold.

    Came home and had a hot mug of chai tea while bundled up in the woobie and all was good.

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    I still have my poncho liner from when I was in best thing the Corp ever issue me that and a canteen cup.
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    I just read the specs from the link you gave. I wonder why they stated this-
    Storage, long term: uncompressed
    Short term: the built in stuff sack is just fine.

    What does that mean, long term storage uncompressed?
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    I assume it is like any down or synthetic sleeping bad and if stored compressed for a long time it will lose some of its loft - meaning - it will also lose some of its insulating qualities (the loft traps the air). Stick it in its stuff sack (compressed) when your traveling/using it but store it long term in its larger bag or in this case probably just fold it up. Good sleeping bags normal come with both, a stuff sack and a storage bag (much bigger). Anyway, that is my take, someone else might have a better explanation.

    EDIT: @Hanzo Where did you get it and how much did you pay? I recently purchased a 'jungle blanket' (think that is what it's called) instead but haven't tried it yet so might be going back to Poncho liner if it doesn't work out.
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    I always called them a Gi-Gi, most called them a Woobi. Been using them for years. They are issued in some places, but not in others....never figured out why. They are great for a buttpack. Still use them to this day at home, for road trips.....and yes, kids and spouses tend to acquire them. My oldest one is paper thin from about 25-years of use and washing....they get thinner over time from use.
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    50 degrees i'm changing from short sleeve to long sleeve
    And yes nothing like a warm woobie
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    I have "Poncho Liners" spread out everywhere...LOL Original US Military version, Australian Military versions (both the OD Green and DPCU varieties) and my most used ones are a version made by Wiggys. Everyone should have one or two....even if it is only for "Tactical Lounge Sleeping Operations" in cooler weather.
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    Even in the built in stuff sack, it will compress to much smaller. I think it is CYA because compressed insulation is probably not as warm as loose and lofty.
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    You wash yours?!?
  10. Hanzo

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    I keep an issue one in my truck as well. Very useful and versatile. Last used it to level out something on a slope.
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  11. Tackleberry

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    Some of the places mine has been....youd wash it too. :eek:

    Used a new one (old but unused) last night. Much thicker and warmer.
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    I bought it direct from Kifaru and it was not cheap. Have a bunch of USGI poncho liners. Gave some away over the years. You can probably get surplus on the cheap. But the Kifaru one is better. Is that that much money better? I dunno. But I use the woobie to keep me warm. And use the poncho liner as a truck blanket.
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    Late to the game here, but I’d recommend a G1 Liner from Group1Equipment. I have a Kifaru Woobie, and it’s a great product, but the G1E G1 Liner is just fantastic. The quality of material the company puts into it are awesome, plus, you can email them and they’ll customize it for you within reason. I used one throughout the winter in a remote firebase in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan; it was super durable and incredibly warm. I think it’s even less expensive than the Kifaru Woobie and has higher quality materials and more size and color options. WelcomeThe guy that makes them is former Special Forces and is pretty passionate about the product. If you can get your hands on both poncho liners, the quality of the G1E liner is evident. It’s extremely durable and even luxurious. It’s so good, I’m even buying another one in a different color and insulation weight for extreme cold weather operations, instead of a down sleeping bag.
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