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    Found a knife when I was a kid, while out fishing from the canvas canoe, hadda hit land. Still have the knife, it is a Kinfolk sheath knife, 6'' blade, leather button grip, carbon steel. Says 'Kinfolk' by the hilt. Don't got it right here but after 41+/- yrs kinda know it well. Use it in the kitchen at home or camping or hunting or fishing. Just worndering if any of you 'Blade-aholics' might know something about it. And how old is your eldest knife? This one is a few years younger than my oldest, not including grandma/pa's butcher knife. snowbyrd
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    c 1926-1957
    The company was started by three cousins, Tint C. Champlin, Dean Case, and Russell Case. All three were directly related to the heads of the Case and Cattaraugus Cutlery Companies. Both may have been good reasons to choose “Kinfolks” to be the company name. In 1929, Dean Case and his father, Jean Case, purchased the company from the other cousins. At that time, another line marked “Jean Case” was introduced. Most Kinfolk knives are fixed blade knives; pocket knives are rare. Kinfolks also made a full line of straight razors. In 1957, Kinfolks was sold to the Robeson Cutlery Company.
  3. I had a kinfolks WWII ighing Knife with a 6 inch blade, stacked leather handle, and a flat steel butt cap. I used it for everything. It was stolen wih the custom sheath I had made for it. I just purchased a replacemen and am having a replacement sheath made for it. I own many knives, including some custom blades, but the Kinfolk fighter is the one I go for when I head out in the woods or any where I need a tactical utility knife.
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