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    US Army War College Paper argues that future disruptive, unconventional shocks to our way of life are inevitable.

    Well I'll just upload it then.

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    Access denied ? Guess they know me.
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    Me too. My clearance expired a while back.
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    Opened just fine for me.. And I know my clearance expired almost 20 years ago.. And it wasn't very high either..
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    Got it that time.
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    I had a link up there that was blocking. So i removed the link and uploaded the file.
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    basically the summary is:
    The DoD might be called upon in the future for internal problems that arrive unseen upon our society.

    I've 2 concerns with that.
    1. DoD basically only has a hammer and everything looks like nails to them
    WTF do they have in their tool kit (knowledge, assest, SOP) that would even prepare them for anything other than a conventional war. Let alone on HOME SHORES!

    2. Their reaction time is like 12-18 months to come up with a semi-effective response. They will have to study why an event happened and what to do to mitigate it's effects. In the mean time they will return to tried and true tactics. Bomb the shyte out of it or control movement inside the affected area until it dies down. Oh that will go over really well in a US City (domestic food/resource uprising)

    Either way, the US is completely unprepared for a disaster (natural or otherwise) that effects more than a few Major cities at a time.

    Had Katrina hit Miami, NO, and Houston with equal effect. We'd probably still be under Martial Law south of the Mason-Dixon line from the Atlantic to West Texas.

    On second thought, Texas would probably kick out the Feds and make their own country.
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    Thanks Visu.
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    Yup. And, technically (since this is the internets) Texas is its own country...but...

    This 2008 publication based on the premise that all government privilege exists as reactionary toward a perceived threat essentially conveys the message it also must be proactive in an attempt to promote legitimacy for unconstitutional acts. It's standard for me to see this kind of blatant and rampant desire/lust for .Gov worship.
  10. VisuTrac

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    What the government needs to do is to do it's diplomatic thing with other nations (peace, trade, war), protect our borders, ensure fair interstate commerce/passage. And then get the hell out of our way. We can take take care of the rest.

    The sheeple can move to DC where they can't vote and have no voice.

    I worry that given their limited capacity for anything other than conflict, that would be the way they react. Wonder what they are going to do if the power goes out, loss of refrigeration, running water.
    Are they going to shoot a mom pushing her way to the front of the line trying to get formula and water for her hungry crying baby? How about those apartment dwellers on the 30th floor that haven't had water in 2 days fighting for their lives for just a liter of water so they can make it a few more hours. Kablam!
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