Korean war chaplain to be awarded MOA w/V

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Mar 12, 2013.

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    It's for show. I used to believe some of them, now I'm just another old cynic.
  4. ghrit

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    The guy deserves the medal. He does NOT deserve being a showpiece.
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    No doubt, but why else do you think they waited 60 years? They needed something 'patriotic' and 'pro-veteran' to do, so they pulled this commendation out of mothballs where it was going to stay because they don't think of chaplains as soldiers. I'm not arguing that he doesn't deserve the medal, I think every soldier that went over there and came out with his marbles and body intact deserves one, that was a brutal war. I'm saying that they wouldn't have given it to him without needing to stage a dog and pony show.
  6. bfayer

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    Sometimes people do the right thing for the wrong reason.

    I believe this is one of those times.
  7. BTPost

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    It doesn't necessarily mean that it is Political...
    There was a Old Guy that lived up the Inlet, here, who was a WWII Veteran and was Wounded in the Battle for Okinawa. He was a Marine Platoon Sargent, for a Comms Platoon who had a Navel Gunnery Officer attached, to direct the Navel Gunfire, during the Landing and in support of the Landing Forces. He saved his Platoon from a deadly Mortar Barrage, by disregarding the Officers Orders and moving them into a Cave, for the night, and saved the Officers and many of his Platoons members, by carrying each of them, to the Cave, then treating their wounds, and then carrying them, each, back to the Relief Point. He then went back, and was directing Navel Gunfire, when he was wounded, and left for dead. He was found and evacuated, the next morning, and the War ended, while he was at Guam, recovering. He was shipped to SanFran, and Mustered out. What he didn't know, was that for his actions, he was awarded the Bronze Star with V and two Palm Clusters. However, since he never returned to his Unit, before being Mustered Out, it was never awarded to him. 40 Years later the Marine Corps figured out, where he lived, and sent him, His Award and Medal, and I, as PostMaster, was directed by the Marine Commandant, to present him the Award. I had a lot of respect for this fellow, before, but after reading the Commendation, and presenting the Award, it was enhanced significantly. He never talked about the War much, but We ALL had tears that day. A Once in a Lifetime experience, for me.
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    I was not trying to say the award was political, I was talking about the timing.

    I have no doubt they have a stack of these things and pull them out when needed for political points.

    Sequestration has hit DoD pretty hard, and they need some pro military press right now.
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    I've heard that a lot of WWII vets don't talk about it. My grandfather wouldn't talk about it. He said I didn't need nightmares at my age (about 5)
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    You're absolutely right about the timing. It's not only the DoD that needs the pro military press. I wonder how many members of the upper escelons of government have actually done military service? I don't mean at a desk in the States, either.
  11. ghrit

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    Kerry is the only one that is mentioned. Riding something, he is, and it is NOT battlefield (in his case, swamp) actions. Whatever he earned in the delta, he dishonored after mustering out. The rest, if any, are properly not bragging.
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    I just wonder, y'know? They're making the decisions, but I wonder if they know what they're talking about.
  13. kellory

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    If what i just read is true, that was a hell of a man. the timing is suspect, but the man was not. Give him his medal, it's much less than he deserves. [flag]
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    As I said before, I think they deserve medals for getting out in one piece. I definitely think he deserves it. [flag]
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    Agreed. Well said.
  16. Ajax

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    That's an amazing story and a good example of showing the love of Jesus Christ.
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