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KUNWU ORION Ti Handle Knife On Kickstarter

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by kunwuknives, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. kunwuknives

    kunwuknives Monkey

    Hi guys I am Sergio from Kunwu Knives

    I am going to do a quick review for you on our first model

    proudly presenting KUNWU ORION


    If you'd like to get a hold of yours for our special price follow the link to our kickstarter campaign

    We will reserve one for you for a special price!

    So here you go, I am not very good at this stuff but since we’re new as a brand I can’t expect for knife reviewers to do this for me for the time being, like until our name gets out there.

    So I'll have to give my Maximum effort.


    Anyways as you can see we made this absolutely gorgeous knife out of titanium, and to make it more featherweight we milled out the titanium scale further down without compromising the structural integrity of the knife as a whole.

    It’s quite big and capable, but light and unobtrusive in the pocket due to that extra mile we went by putting our knife on a low titanium diet from the get go.

    One of the biggest quarrels I have with any knife I plan on EDCing is weight and hold-ability and the sheer looks of the thing. I don’t go for midget knives for my EDC and I like to have a decent size blade.

    Not that it compromises on anything, but the bigger the cutting surface the better I fell cutting stuff. And I am pretty much like all of you guys, always looking on little chores to screw around with with my new blade. Package opening, making sandwiches, tearing through atoms of existence etc.

    I don’t like the knife that has to be used as a saw in order to go through materials. I just like to touch stuff with my awesomely sharpened blade and watch them unfold from the inside out. ORION is like that, it makes splits, cuts and slices very clean.
    So KUNWU ORION pretty much fulfills all mu cutting needs in terms of actual cutting edge and the magical ability to just touch the fabric and off it goes,
    All of that because we take extra care in our sharpening department, using magicians and sharpening trolls and what not.

    Knife feels good in hand, flipping action Is great if not even excellent, this is a prototype knife I am holding so no logo and etchings, and it takes a little breaking into, as every knife takes a while to brake in especially frame locks and especially titanium frame-locks with stainless steel insert.
    This knife feels special, not only to me, I knew it since it was pretty much just a piece of paper with odd lines and measurements scribbled on top, butt pretty much everyone who had a chance of handling KUNWU ORION prototype felt that gust of air that just feels right.

    We added anti slip surfaces throughout the body of the knife, last thing you want is to fly over with your wet hand from handle to the blade. It’s a no no. So any fluid filled stuff you might cut, and if that fluid gets on your hand, the grip on the ORION will remain the same. The micro pattern that we use is abrasive enough to hold onto the skin of your palm, yet smooth enough that it does not tear pockets when pressed against a pocket clip and jeans in between.
    We went full modern on lines and geometry of the handle yet we wanted the knife to feel natural in hand with no cosmetic lines that can cause hotspots while your using our knife. So its pretty and functional and after the prolonged use there are no shady lines and geometric shapes printed on the skin of your palm, no stigmatic wholes either. No suffering in performance involved whatosever.

    Speaking of pocket clip, we went with the team of the knife. So titanium single screw holding it on the body. It’s tight enough and the knife sits pretty low in the pocket with about a half inch sticking out. I love deep carry pocket clip but with this titanium design it just did not make sense to go deep carry. We will have deep carry on our future designs.
  2. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    Can it get through a metal detector?
  3. snake6264

    snake6264 Combat flip flop douchebag

    No lanyard hole so hard pass but its a nice looking knife
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Thread is locked. Anyone wanting to do business with the seller can go to his website.
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