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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by bountyhunter, Mar 17, 2011.

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    im looking for your opinions,ive been looking at solar panels,from cheaper generic panels to the Kyocera,Sharp to name a i see the Kyocera and Sharp cost more money,my question is are the name brand panels worth the extra money or not? i guess several of you have different name panels,so would u share your opinion as to what panels are the best for the money..and if u had to do it again,would u use buy the same brand of panels? also on the subject of panels,which is best mono or poly? ive already decided on inverter,Xantrex,and for batterys,T105s 6 volt golf cart batterys..and as usual,thanks for all opinions,any and all help is appreciated,tks in advance (btw,ive ordered the book Tnandy reccomended in an old post it just hasnt arrived yet,tks andy)
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    In my working array, I have 10 80 watt kyrocera panels, and 4 125 kyrocera panels. I have had three go bad that were replaced instantly with no hassles etc. Other then that, never a problem. Hope this helps
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    3 out of 14 seems extreme. How old were they when it happened, and were there any issues which would have caused it, or was is a defect?

    I would prefer to have gear that doesn't require replacement, even tho no-hassle replacement says a lot for the company, not breaking down during my emergency is even more important.
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    My understanding is mono crystal panels are more efficient for an equal amount of space than poly if mounting space is an issue, consider that.

    But if you get a 100w panel, it should put out the same no matter what type....just that the poly will be a little bigger panel to GET that 100w.

    I've talked to several people who have told me Kyocera panels USED to be top notch, but quality went down hill on them in the last few years.....that may or may not still be an issue....but given Nadja's comment, I'd tend to shy away from them.

    Buddy of mine in the solar install biz says they use Sun electric panels as their first quality (but most expensive ) with Solarworld being a close second if they have to compete on price. I chose solar world, and have been satisfied with them. They are a mono crystal panel.

    Website for the State of CA has a list of panels that qualify for their rebate programs, and it includes about every panel made.....but it also includes the PTC values ( which are lab calculated "real world" ratings ) on what they think panels will REALLY put out. For example, a SolarWorld STC rated 175w panel rates about 156w in PTC. STC is standard test conditions....1000w/m2 with the light hitting the panel at 90 degrees.....something you will almost never achieve in real world conditions.....but ALL manufacturers rate their panels using this parameter, which is almost meaningless.

    So you might want to browse the list and compare panels you are considering.

    List of Eligible SB1 Guidelines Compliant Photovoltaic Modules - Go Solar California
  5. Nadja

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    The hottest new panels on the market seem to be the Shucko panels from Germany. Best price for them is about $585.00 for a 24volt panel putting out about 255 watts.
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    Nadja, can you post a link for that price.... Inquiring minds want to KNOW.....
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    Those that started having the problems were about 12 years old. If anybody made the perfect panel, believe me, I would have already bought them.
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    Hello Bruce up there in the frozen north. I will tell anyone that wants info on them where to buy them if they will p.m. me. Of course I make a commision, as well as Kyrocera's, Sharp, Mitsibushie etc. But only the best panels will be recommended by me to anyone. No Chinese junk .
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