L.A. wants to ban....I mean CONFISCATE hi-cap mags

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Los Angeles Wants Right to Confiscate High Capacity Magazines

    By ArmsVault on Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Los-Angeles-High-Capacity-Magazines-300x154. There are some who think firearm confiscation in the United States is a far-fetched idea. I wish that were true!
    Over the last few months we have seen the anti-Second Amendment crazies crawling out of the woodwork. And there is no doubt they will do anything they can to take away our Second Amendment rights.
    For example…
    On Monday of this week, a draft ordinance was proposed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office that would declare large-capacity ammunition magazines a “public nuisance” and authorize police to confiscate and destroy them.
    Yes… the proposal actually uses the word “confiscate”!
    Below is a screenshot of the first page of this proposal. You can view the full proposal here.
    Don’t sit on the sidelines and hope that these type of things won’t happen. They are going to if we don’t fight for our Second Amendment!
    Join the NRA!!

    Los Angeles Wants Right to Confiscate High Capacity MagazinesArmsVault Blog
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    I know the LAtians are nutz, but are they fucking nuts?
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    Hopefully, this will also apply to movie sets .... then we'll see how quick this dies off.
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    Having lived an hour from LA for about 6 years, this is my opinion. I drove all over for work and saw some pretty bad areas. A few friend were LEOs, and I've heard the first hand stories. LA is over ridden with weapons, including plenty of full autos. politicians do everything they can to take guns from honest people, but if you had a clue what some of those gangs had, you would want to literally send the marines in. The cops i knew said there was honestly no other way you would disarm some of those neighborhoods, and no matter what they're would be blood.

    I find out disgusting these chicken hawk politicians have the nerve towrite laws for us, but no one addresses these glaring problems.

    That whole area is a powder keg. Sthf, and i think your only chance over there would be knowing someone and getting onto camp Pendleton. Then pray they maintain order on base. If something did happen and we weren't able to get through the mountains, that was my plan- had plenty of friends that lived on base and just hoped like hell they could get us on.
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    Absolutely. Why do you think I hate living here? Don't have a gun myself, but mostly due to lack of personal knowledge, and until recently I had a sociopath in the house.
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    Since I'm now living in LA, I can tell you that I know where the closest National Guard armory is.
  7. Cwm1150

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    Does not suprise me at all. They are already banned there? you can only have 10 round mags right?
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