La Loche shooting: Mayor, local MP call for school to be 'torn down'

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    La Loche school should be 'torn down,' say mayor and local MP

    All 7 injured in the shooting are in critical condition, says government official
    CBC News Posted: Jan 24, 2016 3:16 PM CT Last Updated: Jan 24, 2016 8:57 PM CT

    Acting Mayor Kevin Janvier said the school in La Loche, the scene of shootings Friday, should be torn down and rebuilt. (CBC)

    Brad Wall in La Loche 11:21


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    The acting mayor of La Loche, Sask., and the member of Parliament for the region are calling for the school in their northern Saskatchewan community to be torn down and rebuilt following a shooting Friday.

    "I want that school to be rebuilt. Torn down, rebuilt ... because of the trauma," Kevin Janvier said Sunday following a meeting with provincial and national leaders, including Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

    Nine people were shot at the La Loche Community School around 1 p.m. CST — two fatally. Two other victims were found dead in a home in La Loche.

    All seven people who were injured in the shooting at the school are in critical condition in hospital in Saskatoon, according to a provincial government official.

    RCMP said a 17-year-old suspect, now in custody and facing four charges of first-degree murder, will be in court Monday. The teen also faces seven charges of attempted murder.
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    They did this for Sandy Hook, tore down the school and the shooters home but it seemed odd to me. I could understand after Sandy Hook eliminating the school but never understood why the shooters home. Bad things happen but this if I can't see it it didn't happen or whatever their reasoning is just seems off. People are strong or they are supposed to be. Columbine High school wasn't torn down and kids go to school there everyday. This just seems off. Slippery slope. Hate to say it but I hope this isn't going to be a way for school districts to get new schools. I feel evil writing that but school districts are evil.
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  3. chelloveck

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    In some senses I can understand their response...being a constant reminder of the tragedy...but in another sense it seems to be an unnecessary waste of a public asset by demolishing it. Tearing down the shooter's home in Sandy Hook may have been to remove it as a potential shrine for prurient and ghoulish nutters.
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  4. Motomom34

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    It makes me feel evil to question the whole removal of a place where tragedy happened. But by leaving the building there it is a reminder that sick people exist and bad things DO happen. It is the world we live in. People cannot 100% protect themselves from bad things happening but it can make them more away of what and whom is around them. Was there a warning sign with the kid that wasn't address, I do not know but people need to take instability in individuals seriously.
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  5. chelloveck

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    Small community, isolated, significant unemployment, significant incidence of substance use, few community resources, not many prospects....significant incidence of unsurprising outcome.
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  6. chimo

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    It used to be that we memorialized such places...either turning them into shrines like the Arizona memorial or just hanging a memorial plaque on them like one of countless structures that remain from the civil war. Heck, my barracks and squadron hangar at Kaneohe Bay still have bullet holes remaining from the attack on Oahu that day. Did we obliterate and forget about the remains of the Little Bighorn or Wounded Knee? Did we level the remains of Gettysburg or Atlanta or Vicksburg...or hell Hiroshima for that matter?

    Just like with the Confederate flag silliness, it seems that people of today prefer to bury and forget the tragedies of the past rather than to memorialize, never forget and learn from them.
  7. HK_User

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    Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! It Never Happened, typical Libotard reaction. Blame it on the building.
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  8. enloopious

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    It is imperative for them to keep us in state of fear and tearing down the buildings allows fear to remain perpetual. For instance, in war you get used to the feelings of being at risk constantly so you learn to deal with them. Veterans are much more resilient when things go wrong. They have dealt with it before and they know the darkness. They will not sign their rights away for safety. Tearing down the buildings and rebuilding them, thus erasing the incident, makes people feel as though it never happened and life is good and all is well in the world... ignorance is bliss. Therefor they are much easier to scare over and over again and much more willing to give away their rights. This is how psy-ops work.

    This is a new trend and you can expect it to grow. Here in the US they breed these kids at the CIA who go in and shoot up schools or what have you, get anti gun laws passed, and then tear down the buildings as though it never happened. The people must be constantly reminded of why they NEED the govt, otherwise they might throw off the shackles. A people in fear are easy to control. People will do anything if they are afraid.
    CIA Spy confirms Sandy Hook and Boston bombing “false flags” | Veterans Today
  9. Motomom34

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    @enloopious I agree and thumbs up on the first part of your comment. The second paragraph........ no way. What? The CIA breeds little killers with horrible haircuts in order to get laws passed. I just don't think so. We just debated Sandy Hook on here. My opinion it happened.
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  10. Legion489

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    I also never thought tearing down every building where anything happened is such a great idea either. All that does is to increase taxes, but as a form of urban renewal I guess it is easier than passing a bond issue.Stupidity and emotion is always easier to sell than facts and intelligence. I'm also not in favor of the road side shines to every accident that ever happened, which seems to be popular too. If you want to do it, well I always figured your right to swing your fist ends at my nose, but then I also don't expect to pay taxes to "support" or otherwise deal with them.

    Well I am unsure if the CIA is breeding them or not, enough nutters and homeless to choose from, they shouldn't need to breed more, but if you mean they drug them up and brainwash them (I use BRAIN-O Brain Washing Soap and a soft rag), then yes, I agree with you.
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    La Loche is a village in northwest Saskatchewan. It is located at the end of Highway 155 on the eastern shore of Lac La Loche in Canada's boreal forest. La Loche had a population of 2,611 in 2011 and is within the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District. Bordering La Loche to the north and reached via Highway 955 is the Clearwater River Dene Nation (CRDN) with a population of 778 people. The La Loche/CRDN population centre with 3,389 people represents about 30 percent of the Denesuline speakers of Canada. The Denesuline language is spoken by 89% of the residents.

    A recent report also noted population in the region remained young, with 27 per cent less than 15 years of age and only seven per cent over 65.

    There’s one road from the south and most of the year, it’s a six-hour drive to Prince Albert. A second road leads to Fort McMurray, Alta., but it crosses ice and is only available in winter.

    A report from the area’s health region in 2007-08 noted that the sprawling geographic region in the province’s northwest had a suicide rate that was three times the Saskatchewan average.

    Young, drinking too much = a bad place to live. See this far too often in rural Alaska.... The HS graduation certificate in printed on the back of a ticket out of town.....
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  12. chelloveck

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    It is the reality of many isolated settlements in the far outback of Australia also, unfortunately.
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