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    Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress, are
    chatting about their relationships and decided to amaze their men.

    That night all three will wear black leather bras, stiletto heels and a
    mask over their eyes.

    After a few days they meet up for lunch.

    The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, "You are the woman of my life. I love you." Then we made love all night long.

    The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office
    and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a
    raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex all night.

    The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for
    the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over m y eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me, he said, "What's for dinner, Batman?"
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    [lolol] So what's the difference between your wife;your mistress and your girlfriend?
    Your girlfriend says: "Your're done already?"
    your mistress says: "aren't you done yet?"

    Your wife says: "beige" " I think I'll paint the ceiling beige.":lol:
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    She won't be concerned with the color of the ceiling if you keep a cattle prod handy. Haha. Then again, maybe you're doing it wrong? All I do know is that with one slip, the fireworks begin. Haha.
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    Good one :)

    This quote
    Reminds me of "rodeostyle". That starts out as doggy then you whisper that she feels even better than her sister and try to stay on for 8 seconds.......

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    errm no. i like that arm. i want to keep it. :eek:
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