Ladybug Ladybug a 1963 film about "The Bomb"

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    The opening 10 minutes can be found on YouToob

    Imagine yourself in the situation. The NUKE attack within an hour alert goes off. No way to tell if it is equipment failure or not..
    This was in the days before the web, cable news 24x7 and so on.

    I have to be honest - this is one scary opening..... and based (it is said) on a true story during the Cuban crisis...

    The full movie can be had in CD form on Amazon - of course ( Ladybug Ladybug: William Daniels, Marilyn Rogers, Christopher Howard, Frank Perry)
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    Duck and Cover
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    I did an in-depth paper while at university on the Cuban Missile Crisis and while I forget many of the details what really hit me was how close we actually came to all out nuclear war. Scary stuff...
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    Was in AF in late 1950's working on experimental missiles ,the airplanes to carry them, and the sage system to detect the bombers and to vector the fighters to destroy them. Attitude was when not if there would be a war and we all were doing our best as we expected it to blow up some day. In about 10 years the AF went from props to jets that were as fast as anything we have today, almost all done ahead of schedule and under budget. Had to learn how to make new materials and new manufacturing techniques, how to handle high altitude and high speed flight, how to navigate over the pole, etc. It was an exciting time to be in the service and I still feel very privileged to have been allowed to play a very small part in that period.
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    By 19
    By 1963 I was on Polaris Patrols.

    UGM-27 Polaris - Wikipedia

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    Look at the navy, 1943, diesel subs, no snorkel, no real effective radar, torpedo's that sometimes worked, stay submerged for hours and a submerged speed less than 10 mph, etc. By 1963 it had nuke powered subs carrying 16 nuke missiles, a space based nav system, stay submerged for months and go 100,000 miles between refueling. I still think that the greatest military progress we have ever made was from about 1940 to 1965 in all the branches of the services.
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    I'm not sure I want to live in a post apopolyptic nuclear devastated world. I believe I'll just climb the tallest building in my AO with a good bottle of likker and my best rifle and try to shoot it out of the sky as it goes by. :ROFLMAO:
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    Yes and the Big Bomber still flies with kids at the controls that are younger than the B52 and it hits targets with a single bomb.
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    The nuke missiles parked on Cuba had both live warheads and the local commanders had the launch codes. If Kennedy had botched it, and he nearly did, the entire East coast would still be a radioactive wasteland.

    Kennedy, John Effn Kay - not a fan.
    Invaded a sovereign nation with a proxy military force - then left them to die in droves on the beaches.

    Nearly started total global thermonuclear war over Cuba.
    Nearly started another war - by accident (U.S. Veterans Reveal 1962 Nuclear Close Call Dodged in Okinawa | The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus)

    And, of course, the conflict in Vietnam - the gift that just kept giving....
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    B-52 - old design - old airframe.

    For Air Force Captain David 'Swoop' Welsh, flying the legendary B-52 bomber is a family tradition.

    The 28-year-old pilot is the third generation to fly the half-century-old aircraft; his father, retired Lt. Col. Don Welch, was trained to drop nuclear bombs from the B-52 during the Cold War, and his grandfather, retired Col. Don Sprague, flew B-52 combat missions in Vietnam.

    source -
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    When I was a kid in "61" and "62" they were doing atom bomb drills, having us hide under our desks as though that would have some life saving effect , not real bright if you ask me.
    All it did is give the kids the idea the future is lost, it's no wonder that so many became hippies with no hope for the future, and the previous and current war at that time, our military was not allowed to win .I don't think we've won a war since politics enter the program and manipulated media.
    With the dumbing down of american students and the previous administration dividing the country all the more, there is little hope for these kids now that can't even find jobs, because production was moved out of the country both by environmentalists and liberals.
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    We haven't won a 'war' since the Dept of War was changed into the Dept of Defense and Social Experimentation.
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