Wanted Land in the PNW. Must have...

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Tyler Danann, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Tyler Danann

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    Must be in the Pacific North West (including Montana Rockies) and have / be:

    Off The Grid
    1 - 5 Acres of land of which some is level, some is not.
    Water supply
    Lots of trees for cabin building
    Access in winter (4x4 ok)
    No CCR's
    At least 1000 Yards from any interstate, 500 years from a highway.
    Not have many neighbors close-by
    Not part of a Home Owners Association.
    Preferably sold from an existing, larger acreage.

    Tall order I know but that's what I'm looking for. :)

    Anyone got some land like that or know people who have? I've gone to realtors etc and they are asking silly money etc.
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  3. KAS

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    easterm washington had some good land deals over there ... some even off the grid and set up ....
  4. Yard Dart

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    These guys have a great interactive map that shows most listings in our area and you can define areas to watch for new listings.
    Washington Real Estate, Oregon Real Estate, Idaho Real Estate, John L Scott

    I am in the Western, WA area and I would suggest you don't want to come over here.... the politics in WA are very left leaning.....and the West side is the worst. You can get some great older farm type properties out in Eastern, WA for good prices....there are lot's of out of the way places to set-up.. You just don't want to be in the immediate Spokane area.... for obvious large city/municipal reasons.

    If I could financially pull it off, I would move back to the Bozeman, Montana area in a heart-beat... but the job market is not what it is out here in the Seattle area, so I will just have to deal with what is on the plate for the time being.

    Good luck in your search!!
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  5. BTPost

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    If you have some cash, and a marketable skill, Alaska, has land, but it isn't cheap.... Lots of "No Roads within Miles" Places. The biggest issues out where I live is, earning enough during the Summers, to make it thru the Winters. Not a lot of work, out here in the bush, during the winters, but plenty in the summers for Hard Workers..... Getting a GrubSteak, and a place takes cash. I know of a 5Acre place with TurnKey Cabin, and separate Large Shop Building. Small year round creek, and sitting on the Trail System, that has access to AirStrip, Cannery, and Barge/Conex Yard. The owners might carry a Private Sale Contract, if the deal was right, maybe $60KUS....
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    I agree with YD on this. The Bozeman area is beautiful and would be a great place to live. All I know is when I was there, I had a sense of peace.
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    Have you looked here? Zillow: Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgage & Home Values in the US

    Enter Oregon, Washington or where ever in the search and click on the magnifying glass

    Open the "For Sale" drop down menu and deselect Potential Listings, For Rent and Recently Sold. Deselect Forclosures and Coming Soon under For Sale.

    Open the "More" drop down menu.

    Enter the Lot Square Feet minimum at 6,000,000 and maximum at 8,000,000 and apply.

    Then over on the right, after the screen refreshed select to list by "Cheapest".

    TBA land is EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessment land Targeted Brownfields Assessments | Brownfields and Land Revitalization | US EPA
    Land that has some contamination issues, but read the EPA page about Brownfields Assessment properties.

    The second listing in Oregon is 160 acres, non TBA land in Beatty Oregon for $26,000.

    Worth a look....
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    That place is still available hmmmm?! That sounds like a great set up to me!!!!!
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    Got a link ? YD mite out bid me ;)

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    Don't worry @Cruisin Sloth ..... the wife already veto'd that move up North...... :rolleyes:
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  11. Gesko

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    some really nice and cheap houses on those websites. wonder if i can convince the wife to move to the US. she'd prolly stab me repeatedly if i asked though, since she left the US about 2 years ago to live with me in Germany :whistle:
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  12. Dunerunner

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    You are both welcome back. Gun laws are much better here than Germany and you can find a place to be self sufficient with some work.
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  13. Tyler Danann

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    Ok, Update!

    A friend has one acre he is willing to sell - Lots of Trees, Level, 3,500 feet high, Easement road, water access nearby (from a drilled well), not near the highway. Lots of wild game around. It's got pretty much what I want. The only thing is the guy is unsure of what it's worth (I think no more than $9,000 but he may want a bit more if I'm using his well).

    Will try and keep you posted.
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