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    So I commonly get my ire up when we get talkin about government infringement on our freedoms and land. I think it is rightfully so. My wife and I worked very hard for what we have and think we have earned the right to do as we see fit on our piece of land. Since we live in NY our property taxes are out of sight (more than our mortgage payment) so we feel we have MORE than paid our fair share to do as we see fit as well.
    I know very well the constant bombardment the second ammendment is under but my real question is, how much danger is my property really in?
    What are the real odds of government seizure or direct oversight of our property? I know there are EO's and legislation that enable them to do their will but for the most part they have been very cautious in overstepping their bounds. It seems now days, the gloves have come off, so to speak.
    If it ever does come down to it, how fast do you think it will happen?
  2. Cephus

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    Overnight !!!!!!!!

    They couldn't let it get out or the people would be on the phone to the critters to put a stop to it !!

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    I agree with Cephus I will be an overnight action so they can take what they need and circle the wagons, to wait for the back lash from the people
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    Ditto. We'll wake up to a done deal. At that point we'll have two choices...suck it up or the other option.
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    The way things are going in the southern tier, eminent domain just might be the entry. Congress has been kept in the loop, and so far, it's been hands off until the state (and the DRBC and SRBC) gets done screwing around.
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    When the FBI decided to build in WV (Clarksburg) they just took 3 family farms. I know one of the families daughters from working with her a few years back .She said it was a done deal before they ever came out to the house with the papers ,they tried to fight it but the court had already filed all the papers .They had 30 days to get out ,Oh and they had a family plot on the property so they had to move them as well !!
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    I had 40 acres taken by eminent domain for construction of a highway that had no final plan, no funding, and no approvals. If it happens to you, you will find that there is very little you can do. I sued for additional compensation but even after winning, it didn't even come close to the market value of the land.

    I fought this every way I knew, for years and years but there was no way to win. Even when the Army Corps of Engineers issued the final ruling that the land was unsuitable for the seizure purpose, I still lost and I wasn't the only one. Some friends of mine lost their home to ED so they built another on a different part of their property only to lose that one as well for the same unapproved and unfunded project.

    When all was said and done, they left me with multiple parcels of land, one a 30 acre parcel left landlocked. Another piece is a triangular piece of a couple hundred sq ft. I had put a deep well on it but they cut around it and took every thing surrounding. I still pay taxes on the little piece but refused to give it up when the state called and wanted to buy it. They left another piece as a 20 acre parcel, 5 acres short of what I needed to have it classified woodland. As a result, that piece is assessed as building lots and the price of lots in CT is huge. My property taxes are around $10K a year now for around 100 acres that remains. I have always maintained it was a vindictive move on the part of the state since I had been a protest organizer, organized rallies, spoke before the state legislature several times, appeared on TV, wrote articles for news publications, posted negative signs, ran the surveyors off the property one morning when they were wandering around the yard. I was vocal and they didn't like me one bit.

    This is a hot button with me
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    The ltest kick is to take people property wit little improvements (small house), and give it to investors to build subdivisions that bring a huge property tax revenue, therefore claiming that it benefits the community.
    Personally I think even property tax is ucconsituational and morally wrong let along seizing someones property.
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    Homestead exemption ...Do you have that up North ?
  10. RightHand

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    Not in Connecticut
  11. Gator 45/70

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    We are trying to double our's...From 75k to 150k...

    What is the Homestead Exemption? The homestead exemption is a tax exemption on the first $75,000 of the value of a person's home. The value of your home is exempt up to $75,000 from state and parish property taxes. The exemption applies to all homeowners. If your home is worth $70,000, you are fully exempt from the payment of property taxes. If it is worth $90,000, you are exempt on the first $75,000 of value; and you pay taxes only on the remaining $15,000 of value. If your home is worth $200,000, you are exempt on the first $75,000 of value; and you pay taxes on the remaining $125,000 of value
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    The taxes on the house and 1 acre lot account for the smallest portion of the taxes in my case. I hold separate deeds on the land and the house and lot so they are taxes independent of one another.
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    We have it here, but it does not exempt you from ED, it's just a tax reduction.

    Larry, that case you are referring to was in New London, CT. Travesty.
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    This could be a BIG issue, say if, the government feels the need to imminently take land and declare it public domain..

    And then give it to the chinese, as payment..
    So they can drill on it..

    I could imagine this happening one day.
    For at some point, the chinese are going to become weary of the bonds and promises.. At some point, they are going to want more than just meager trade (because when our economy suffers, we don't buy as much as their crap), and at some point, our "wages" which is the "promise" that declares the dollar good debt, is not going to be as good, at that point, the chinese are going to want their debt repaid in hard tangible assets..

    And the natural resources that are being recovered from the land (for now) belong to the private companies that partake in the activity.
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  15. RightHand

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    Yes, it was a travesty. The greater travesty is that the project for which the seizure was based was never completed
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    That right there, is a bunch of horse crap..
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    As much as the idea makes me wanna puke,the Chinese would morally be with in their rights to require some form of tangible assets for the repayment of whats owed to them.
    I know I sure wouldnt want someone to pay a debt owed me with worthless paper.
    The Government took out the loan,and"We The People"allowed them to do it.
    We should have watered the tree along time ago,before things got as out of hand as they have.
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  18. There was this good ol boy I used to know. Now Otis, he was probably 10 or 15 years older than me and had got him a job in the factory, but he also still owned the family hog farm.

    well we are sitting out to the picknec table and he rares all back and says: Well finally paid off the morgage and I own my land free and clear, Can't No one take it from me now.

    I, being in one of my teasing moods, sit back, light up, and say nope, ya don't own anything.

    Yes I do; No you don't yes I do etc etc, accompanied by a red and more red face and louder and louder assertions that yes I do own my land.

    I ask him: Can we agree that the feller that can sell something is the owner of it?

    Yes, I can sell my land can't I. Not without permission of government reply I, try and sell it without recording deeds and such and see how it sticks come tax time etc.

    Speaking of which,

    What happens when you don't pay the rent on your land?

    I don't rent my land, I own it free n clear!

    Nope, you pay rent on it No it dont, yes you do no i dont etc

    Ok let me ask you something, every year the gooberment send you a tax bill on your land? Yes!

    If someone renting a house dosen't pay rent what happens? The landlord throws em out and rents or sells the house to someone else? YES!

    What happens if you don't pay your rent (taxes) to the gooberment? They take your land /home, kick you out and sell or rent it out? Yes

    Then he gets this quiet look on his face gets up and walks off, and quit talking to me .

    Left that job not long after and haven't seen him since, wonder if it ever got home that gooberment owns all land, and we just rent it by paying taxes?

  19. This is why you are not supposed to be taxed on your land and are only supposed to have a sales tax. Now with the way taxes are, even if you have had your land in your family for generations and have had it paid off, one illness and you can lose the entire thing from being unable to pay the false taxes on it. And eminent domain is complete nonsense.

    Almost all family lines had great land tracts and large farms throughout time. It is supposed to be that with each generation you build upon one another and grow the line stronger and stronger with more resources. This is how it was always done in the past.

    Now people have nothing to offer to their kids in the form of a step up and ground to stand on as all their farms and even family businesses were lost in the 30's and 40's and most of their lands have been seized by the government or they could not afford the taxes on them that were inflated.

    It irritates me that just talking to the grandparents generations they all had large amounts of lands that were passed through the family line and all had farms, yet now the lines have virtually nothing. They have all been robbed. This is not freedom but is slavery for anyone who is looking clearly and honestly.
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