landlord persues family of victim for late rent/termination

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    A kenosha Wi mother of a:

    Landlord demands dead victim’s late rent, fees
    Mother gets letter imposing penalty for ‘early termination’
    When she opened the letter from her dead son’s former landlord this week, Danelle Eckert thought there had to be some mistake.
    The letter, addressed to Eckert and to the estate of her son, Colin Byars, was demanding March and April rent, late fees and an “early termination fee” because he had left his apartment before the end of his lease. Byars, a 24-year-old teacher, was killed Feb. 21 when he was punched in the head on a Kenosha street.
    “I thought they must not understand that Colin was killed. But no, they understood completely,” Eckert said.:shock:
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    Re: landlord persues family of victim for late rent/termina

    Cruel and inhuman, but his estate is responsible for the bills, including lease termination fees that were in the lease. It is ugly people that do this sort of thing. The lease terminations I've been exposed to were all dealt with compassionately, wound up being closed out as soon as the furniture and belongings were removed.

    This is an abomination, but perfectly legal.
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    Re: landlord persues family of victim for late rent/termina

    Hmm;thankfully; I've never been exposed to this situation.


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