Lard,Tallow, & Schmaltz Rendering.

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    Nice links @M118LR thank you for sharing.
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    I render down brisket tallow and use it a lot.
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    It is amazing how important fat (lard, tallow, schmaltz, etc..) was to generations past. Getting back to basics, cooking like grandma, crafting soap, making candles, etc... It may be noteworthy to mention that diets high in wild game lack fat. Salt, sugar, spices, and fat where Traditional staples. Peruse any Old Cookbook and it will become apparent how important rendered fat was.
    The Total Beginner’s Guide to Paleo and Fat | Paleo Leap
    I'm not advocating Paleo, but the fat info can be helpful.
    Fatworks is mentioned in the fat is back article, Fatworks Foods: Healthy Fats for Healthy People
    They are compiling recipes. Fatworks Recipe Page: Create your own healthy fat foods

    Got enough fat if all the stores closed today?
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    Wonder if I could jar pemmican?? Makes sense that I could...
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    We store most of the fats we need as in crisco in the can. Also have canned Red Feather butter. It has no expiration date.
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    Thanks for the links, useful stuff.
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    In this article the author said- I’ll cover rendering fats from fowl, cleaning drippings and broth skimmings, and making ghee.

    Did you see his recipe on making ghee? And have you ever made it?
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    Thanks for the recipe on this. I have a couple sticks of butter in the fridge so how easy this is.
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    I make Ghee all the time.
    its easy, I have a grill plate that fits over the burner on my cooker so I just dump 4-5 blocks of butter into a pot & pop it on that on low heat ( having it on the grill plate means its cooler than cooking directly on the hob) Give it a couple hours & skim off the froth every so often, after 4-6 hours (varys with heat levels) it will start to get a toasty colour, I like to let it get to carmel colour then strain though a fine mesh (I have a very fine metal strainer that works good.. dont use plastic.. it will mellllllt. ) Into a heatproof container.. Done.
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    As a kid my grand mother always had a couple of cans with lids near the stove. One was for cooking fats, lard, bacon drippings, etc, the other was for soap making fats. Goose, turkey, duck, greases were always kept, some used to waterproof and keep leather soft, some to put on bread and eat, use it for soups, feed it to the dogs and cats, etc. At butchering time the fats were segregated before any rendering was done. Some was used to make sausage, some to make lard or tallow, some to make chittlerings or pork skins, some for soap making. The was very little that went to waste.
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