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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -06, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Within the next two years, a spooky, powerful and invisible new technology will be deployed by the U.S. government that can instantly scan and identify every molecule on your body or person: the cocaine residue on your dollar bills, prescription drugs in your purse, marijuana in your pocket and even trace powder residue from your practice session at the gun range.

    And it can detect all this invisibly, silently, from a range of 50 meters away.

    Learn more:
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    Nothing is so good that some evil can't become of it. It was originally designed to be used to detect cancer and precision chemical processes. Alas no good deed goes unpunished.

    Wonder if it will come in light saber form. It might as well, working at the microscopic level, what says they can't just use it for a nefarious reason.

    but alas it still requires power to operate so when Albert Cada takes out the grid with a reworked stuxnet program or we get a nice X class solar flare or someone comes up with a great delivery system for an EMP, Then It's free for all
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    Maybe they can find my damn keys in there while they're at it. Getting tired of upending the thing every time I need to drive somewhere.
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    There are issues with this... as 95% of all $20.00 bills in circulation will come back positive for Cocaine or otherr drugs.,.. I know this because there is already a machine that can do some of this and we tried it on a selectin of $$$ collec ted from a local bank....
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    The technology is out there and has been field tested. The problem is cost per unit and the size is not appropriate for general use. Sort of like the first computer that took up all the space of a large room.
  6. mysterymet

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    Honestly doubt it is that accurate, YET.
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    Yet is the key word. Does anyone remember the old cell phones? You know the bag phones that were huge. Give it time.
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