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Laser Devices OTAL (laser)

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by greenmountaingear, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. greenmountaingear

    greenmountaingear Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Figured this area would be the best place to put it :)

    OTAL with A.R.M.S. Throw Lever Mount (635nM) Laser for AR-15, M-16 and M-4 Day & Night Visibility

    Item #: 19105 Price: $646.00

    This personal demo model can be yours for $510 via USPS money order and that is the DELIVERED price! :)
    You can not tell the difference between this and "NIB". I mounted it on a SIR and RAS to demo a couple of times...after that, it was in the safe.

    The OTAL with an A.R.M.S Mount is designed for military and Law Enforcement applications. This unit mounts behind the front sight cage on the AR-15, M-16 and M-4 style rifle. Comes with a right angle connector a, 6' inch standard remote cable and a pressure pad switch.

    A.R.M.S. mount provides a solid repeatable alignment for all aiming lasers and tactical lights
    Fits all NATO 1913 and Picatinney rails
    Manufactured in the U.S.A.
    No tools required
    Offset design allows the laser to be mounted behind the front sight cage on AR-15, M-16 and M-4 style rifles
    Proven MIL-SPEC mount locks the accessory to the weapon rail.
    Quick release system allows the user to instantly attach and detach the laser and tactical light
    Supplied with a right angle connector and a 6 inch (15.25 cm) standard remote cable and a pressure pad switch
    Windage and elevation adjustment knobs are protected from impact
    Windage and elevation adjustments can be made in precise 0.4 milliradian clicks

    Electrical Specifications

    Battery: One 1.5 volt AA
    Battery Life: 5 hours continuous
    Beam Diameter: 6.5 mm @ 25 meters
    Laser Type: Laser Diode Class IIIa
    Power Output: <5mW
    Range/Visibility: 450 meters (low light) 30 meters daytime
    Wavelength: 635nM (SPP)

    Mechanical Specifications

    Width: 1.4 in.; 3.6 cm
    Environment: Waterproof to 20 meters
    Length: 2.8 in.; 7.2 cm
    Limited Warranty: One year
    Material: Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061T-6
    Weight: 4.9 oz.; 138.9 grams with barttery

  2. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Wow, looks good. I've heard that is about as bright as they get for daytime use.
  3. greenmountaingear

    greenmountaingear Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Yes. It will go to about 35m in bright daylight.
    At night it is unreal...a beam as far as you can see :p
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