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    LASER GRIPS MODEL LG 305<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
    Hi guys,
    I have been using a Crimson Trace laser grip in my model 36 Chief Special for the last year and a half. Now that I have more time for extended visits to the range, I have been shooting my old Chief Special quite a bit, the point of impact of the laser haven’t change in using more than 400 rounds of 125 grains ammo.

    Years ago I used to practice shooting from the hip with the model 36, but never get to be any good when the distance was more than 9 yards. Now with the laser grips I get consistent quick hits up to 15 yards shooting with my hand supported in the middle of my belly.


    No all the firing I do at practice is with live ammo, I use dummies to dry fire the gun a lot, the laser tell me where I am impacting in the target.

    I have had this gun for 25 years, it used to be my ankle holster back up gun when I was working at the store, now that I am retired and not longer dealing with expensive merchandise, it rest in an upside down Berns Martin holster style in my left shoulder when I am in need of carrying light.
    I recently recommended this grip to a friend of mine that at 75 years old can not longer see the regular iron sights, he is also very happy with his unit.


    To me the great benefit of the laser grips is the shooting I can do without exposing myself to return gunfire, as long as I have a little crack or hole in the barricade from where I can see the opponent, and stick my handgun, out.

    Now if I just can convince Crimson Trace to make one for the Colt Anaconda .44 Mag, that I plan to use in an Alaskan fly fishing trip sometime in the future, I will be really happy.

    All the best
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    Now for some fun. Since you don't mind playing with it in the house, practice laying on the floor on one side of our bed and aiming under the bed at a small coffee can. When you get good at it, then go to the range and pactice laying on your side while you engage the target.
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    Good post. Thanks for the pics too.
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    I want a set for my Bersa .380 and or the Thunder 9 I want to get.
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