Last call on sale-priced folding bikes & trailers +++

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    Our Ongoing Independence Will Require Effort and Planning
    "There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared." - Simon Black

    Preppers (& Popular Mechanics) Love Folding Bikes and Trailers
    Last call on our sale-priced Montague folding bikes and the Quik-Pak Trailer: shop here. See also the just-published review of the Montague Paratrooper Pro at Popular Mechanics.

    Mountain House Buckets and Cans Go Up in Price July 1!
    ---The good news is that we still have the buckets on sale and several MH canned varieties as well.
    ---Shop here today to get your best sale prices while you can.

    Top-off your preps with 6 months no-payments, no-interest financing!
    Get 6 months to pay for your discounted Safecastle preps thru Paypal's "Bill Me Later" program. Click on the Paypal banners in our store for details.

    paratrooperprolg.1.jpg?rend=0. Paratrooper Pro: Sale Priced &Member Discounted

    quikpak2.JPG?rend=0. Quik-Pak Folding Trailer: Sale & Member Discounted
    softcase.jpeg?rend=0. Montague Soft Carrying Case: Member Discounted
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