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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Witch Doctor 01, Feb 10, 2013.

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    I love it! With that and a cot and thick mattress, I may even get Sweetie and Bunny out camping. Well, for Bunny, he'd need an HD tv and hook-up for his Xbox! Really roughing it! ROFL

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    i have done this and it actually works well ..
    I just stuck mine on a plastic table next to the window in the tent the tryed to seal it up with a tapr . it did work very well...

    Althougt it was the first time for me and the old lady going camping and it would have been cheaper to go to disney
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    "Life of Riley"--LOL. But why go camping with all those amenities. Next she will want a flushing "john". Point of info---John Crappa invented the first flushing commode-----"Going to the John", Taking a Crap, etc. Now your day is complete--lol.
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    I confess, I do the same thing. The last time we went camping it was 115 in the shade and still 100 at 2 am. If the SHTF fine, I'll suffer, but until then I want my tent cool at night!
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    We try to rig a sun tarp when possible to put us "in the shade" more. Am getting lazier now and try only to camp in moderate conditions. Love snow camping but my old bones don't--lol.
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    06 yeah I remember going camping with just my horse, sleeping on the ground with the navajo over me, then getting up the next morning and bouncing around without a sound.

    I do that now, my campsite would sound like a herd of zombies eating rice crispies.
    'ooooohhh ughgggghhhhh crack snap owwwwwwwww pop"
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    LOL, now I use a camp cot +torso length 2" eggshell + military closed cell pad--unless backpacking in very far. Do have a jungle hammock that is just super--but still use the pads--lol.
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