Lavender Uses and Preparation

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    I have been growing lavender for a couple of years in my garden and planter beds and have some good sized plants now. My goal was to learn how to use it for various things around the house... not a food product but more of a comfort item. I have heard many people will make tea, powders and oil out of it with various uses such as blending into homemade soap. Some people have suggested you can use it in your pillow to help go to sleep and so on. Are you using it and if so, how are you preparing it. Just getting ready to start and looking for ideas and how-to do's since the plants are now mature and ready to use.

    A couple of links for reference:
    Lavender Central Uses

    IMG_20130628_162716_571. IMG_20130628_162736_218 (1). IMG_20130628_162736_218.
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    I really like topic like this. Thanks YD. I never knew lavender could be used topically for so many different things. One question I have is does this apply for all varieties? I googled a bit and didn't see any warnings but always a concern.
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