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    My husband and his family are LDS-- therefore we, as a family, make sure to prepare certain things as the church dictates-- which is food, water, and money for about three months.
    I am just wondering if there are other LDS people on here that think the church should do more to emphasize the importance of being prepared for major disasters? In my mind, food, water, and money are not the only things you will need to ensure your family is well-prepared for disaster. Any thoughts?
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    I am not a member of your faith. I hope you will at least consider this one thought. Millions of Christians over the ages have been slaughtered because of New Testament teachings and their refusal to take up the sword (or other appropriate weapon) to protect them and their's. I would suggest that less than 175 years ago people of your religion were willing to take up arms to protect themselves. It would be a good lesson for today. Your faith and your beliefs will make you a target for certain wolves. (search and read about "Sheep, Sheep dogs, and Wolves here). JMHO ..... peace is what we all want, but sometimes you have to fight for it. Prayer alone may not save you. At least not while still on this earth.
    Final note; 3 months is not long enough in these unstable times. Think 1 year and beyond. Think "TEOTWAWAKI".
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    Three months? I have never heard it spoken of in a ward anywhere less than 1 year's sustainability, per person.

    I don't believe it's the church's responsibility (see below) to emphasize the importance of preparedness. I do, however believe that they are full of members who benefit from the teachings, as one can never be "too prepared". The responsibility is personal. The repercussions are personal.

    They also talk about more than food, water, money. If you're not hearing that, then inquire.

    I am not a member. I was raised by a pack of Mormons ;) and was fortunate enough to have learned a lot from them. See my sig line (perspective). :)
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    I am not, nor ever have been a member of the LDS...
    I have had a LOT of friends that are and were, and they imparted to me a lot of the wisdom of being prepared.
    Today, more than ever, I'd also suggest no less than a years supply of food for the entire family. Most people I know of, have only enough food in their homes today to eat for one or 2 days at most! It's scary to me! I spent a great deal of time with a grandmother that educated me about the "Great Depression" era, and I have not forgotten her words about having a well stocked pantry!
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    What is LDS? I understand it's kind of religion, but what kind?
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    LDS - Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as Mormons. I am no where near understanding the basics of the LDS beliefs, but they can be classified as Christian. (Google "Mormon" or "LDS" for far more than I can give you.)
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    Ah, Mormons! I heard about Mormons, but never that LDS thing...Thanks.
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    I agree, to a point, that the church should be preaching/teaching some form of self preparedness.
    While I am not a member of the LDS church or Mormon, I, as a Christian, have a very hard time with relying solely on manna from heaven because I have turned the other cheek.
    Please understand that I have faith in Jesus to ultimately protect and save us.
    But it would be an absolute atrocity to see someone in my household die of starvation, or worse, because my interpretation of when he would come was way off.
    I often find myself shaking my head at those who claim to make predictions about a specific date of anything.

    I quite like what Tracy said about the responsibility being personal.

    now if we could only save people from would be easy!!
  9. I am a member of the LDS church. And would say that the church plays a great role in trying to educate and make aware the need to prepare. However, the leaders of the church also expect you to do your own prepping. Many wards and stakes have assigned an emergency preparedness specialist to help in educating members of the church as well as anyone interested in attending. Depending on how well educated they are; they can provide a wealth of information besides food, water, and money.
    The Church leaders will stay neutral on subjects that go beyond the normal food, water, and money that is always mentioned.
    My advice to you would be to have your husband ask his bishop if you guys have an emergency preparedness specialist, and find out what they are teaching people.
    We had a bunch of information on proper canning, pressure cooking, and dehydrating techniques this past week where I live.
    We are taught by the leaders to have a years supply of food. In recent years that has changed to about three months. They are teaching this to try and get members to start getting food storage. This tactic seems to motivate members to start their food storage because it is an easier goal to reach first. They still expect you to work up to a years supply.
  10. tacmotusn

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  11. STANGF150

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    A church teaching Preparedness!! OMG!!
    Sounds to me like they teaching sumthing practically unheard of these days. Can you say it with me folks "Personal Responsibility"
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    Huh...I red a book called LDS preparedness manual, and It's good! It has some religious stuff in it, which is OK, but the advices and techniques are good and solid...I liked it...
    I'm an atheist, but I think other churches might try doing the same thing instead of answering people's questions about SHTF with "Don't worry, God will take care of you"...
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    I went to an LDS cannery today for the first time. I was very impressed. Not once was my religious persuasion questioned. The lady that assisted me was very nice and extremely helpful. The prices were fantastic. They were out of a few things. The head Elder said they had never sold so much in a month period as they had in the last month. Sounds like some folks are waking up! (A good thing).

    I know very little of LDS teachings as I was raised a Roman Catholic. I am very impressed with a church that teaches financial, food and water preparedness. It would be a good thing if all organized religions copied this page from the Mormons. God bless them.
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    Stop by their Church next Sunday as a visitor. You will be welcomed. You don't have to believe as they do or convert. Just show respect and keep and open mind. If you really appreciated how you were treated at the cannery, drop something appropriate in the offering plate and let those who you talk to, know how much it meant to you. Friends and like minded people are where ever you happen to find them. JMHO.
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    Most of us preppers owe the Mormon community (I am not a Mormon) a debt of gratitude for their leading the way in developing the dehydrating and freeze-dried foods to the level they are at today. While they may not have ownership of all of the innovations, they have provided the mindset and the market for the wide spread availability of these essential commodities.
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    Good idea Tacmotusn. I had thought of something along those lines already. Your post confirms my thoughts.
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    I come from a LONG line of LDS Progenitors. (Mormons) The church teaches Personal and Family Responsibility, for oneself, and ones Family. It is a BASIC tenant of the Religion. Back BEFORE the Great Depression, the sitting Prophet, (Head guy at the time) warned the membership, in General Conference, that hard times were coming, and to get prepared. To have a Years supply of Family Needs, stored. Have a garden, that produced foodstuffs, and to learn to be self-sufficient as much as possible, as families. Those things are still taught from the pulpit, and the church does its part, as an organization, in making farms, canneries, and Bishops Storehouses, available to members and non-members alike, in pursuit of these goals. The church also teaches outdoor woodcraft, via Boy Scouts, and Summer Girls Camp week, for the young women. Being prepared for the unforeseeable, and the foreseeable, is wise council, for anyone.
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    I admire the LDS a great deal. While I know I end up prepping alone, reluctant to talk about it with friends or neighbors out of concern that they will do nothing to prepare other than deciding to come to my house when the Long Winter hits. Yet the Mormons have a community where many prep and it considered desirable rather than nutty.
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    If you do have a friend who is LDS, they can take you as a guest to a LDS Cannery. That is a facility where you can can in real cans not jars grains or dehydrated food goods, medicines, seeds, etc. Some of the canneries are limiting access due to the huge increas in members being active in canning.

    They sometimes sell bulk grains as well.

    Sadly the closet one to me is either in up in Oregon or in Chico California.

    Having a 3 month supply is a great start.

    For us we started with a one week supply. Then two, then three and now we are at 6 months for staples.

    We are storing what we use and using what we store.

    The first month we kept track of everything we ate or used.

    Then multiplied it by 4.5.

    And we began to double up in our buying as we could afford it.

    We mark our cans and boxes and are cooking from scratch a lot more.

    All of this fit into our get out of debt plan and we followed the advice of a fella named Dave Ramsey.
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    I myself am United pentecostal church. I think I'm going to talk to my pastor about this very subject There are a few at the church whom are constitutionalist's and we discuss things on sunday morning before church when the church coffee shop is open. So I may bring up the manual in conversation and see what he think about a class on getting preparred.
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