LDS Preparedness Manual v5

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  1. Flip853

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    Not sure if this is already on here but for those just starting out with preps it covers everything from food storage plans and sample list to NBC protection in one pdf. Not a member of LDS but felt it was a decent resourse to share. Its 249 pages to print so have some new ink and plenty of paper.

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  2. Wild Trapper

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    LDS = Latter-Day Saints (just for those who didn't know) Seems to contain some of their propaganda. Just a friendly reminder, FWIW...
  3. ejb1970

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    Thanks for the great info. As someone who is new to prepping this will be a great help to me about getting an idea of what to have.
  4. tacmotusn

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    Backwoods Home magazine is an excellent resource as well. The have a free online site as well. The archives here are loaded with info as well. Pick a keyword and try our search feature.
  5. OnMyWay2Glory

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    I found this manual very helpful when I began my preps. I just went through and only printed the pages that were helpful to me. Probably about 50 pages.
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