LDS Preparedness Manual

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    Pretty good information. I like the section on buying the preps one week at a time, over the course of one year. Doesn't break the bank and for someone just starting it gives a good general guideline to follow.
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    Excellent post... thanks for the info!!

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    yes very good link
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    That is THE most comprehensive manual / list to date for me, it is 222 pages in PDF format. thank you.
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    Thanks for the links. I had them and lost them.
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    In 30 mins, we'll start our 180th annual general conference and given the political/emotional/hate-filled/evil/EOTWAWKI climate we're in, there might be some good information about getting ready sooner than later with our year supply. Heck, maybe it'll turn into a 2 year supply commandment because locusts are coming! haha
    April 2010 General Conference

    In all seriousness, the Mormons have always been commanded to be self-sufficient and in the 1950's it was first commanded for us to start working on our year supply of food/water/fuel for our families. In the late 90's the tempo has increased and we suspect any day now, that some more urgent warnings will be given. I know here in Montana this summer that there will be unprecedented grasshopper swarms so I've picked up two 25lb bags of fresh wheat from Montana Wheat's storefront in Missoula.
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