Leatherworking - Tools Required (Overview)

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    This is an overview of the tools you will need to get started. I will provide some information about each tool and its use, and give you a couple links where you can shop to buy your tools and materials. Also, I will link some downloadable content from these forums if applicable. Let's get started.


    • Mallet - Used to beat on things without causing damage to your tools.
    • Punches - There are several types of punches, each has its advantages.
    • Knife - A sharp knife, and a razor are invaluable.
    • Pliers - Mainly for hand sewing and working with some hardware.
    • Edge Beveler - Great for rounding over leather edges before burnishing.
    • Skyve Tool - Used to scrape off leather to make it thinner, a Mora is also useful for this task.
    • Stitch Groover - Great for recessing your stitches so they do not wear down. For nice finished look, too.
    • Awl - An awl is needed for multiple tasks, mostly to punch through leather.
    • Burnishing Tool - Burnishing an edge will protect the leather. Some tools do more than one job, too. The awl below can double as a burnishing tool and is made in Japan.
    • Overstitch Spacer - Tool used to mark out stitch location.
    • Gouge Tool - This gouge handle is hand made (by me) and the head was purchased ($4.00)
    • Modeling Stylus - Needed for tracing outlines prior to stencil crafting and tooling.
    • Stitching Punches - Hand punches for stitching, some folks use a Dremel, this is the old way.
    • Craft tools and Stamps - Various tools and a wide variety to choose from. Used to stamp designs.
    DSC00030.JPG DSC00031.JPG
    • Snap Set - Used to set snaps.
    • Rivet Set - Used to set rivets.
    • Hand Stitching Needles & Thread - Self explanatory. This is the least expensive tool and material in leatherworking by far.



    You can order tools and materials from any online source you prefer, but I can only vouch for the two I have used and know to be quality and honest.

    #1 - Zack White - Welcome to Zack White Leather Company - Serving the leathercraft, shoe & tack trades
    #2 - Tandy - Leathercraft and Leather Craft Supplies - Tandy Leather Factory


    You may visit our downloads section for free information: Other

    YouTube Videos: Ian Atkinson - YouTube


    I would wait until Tandy Leather or another outlet has a sale, then buy your leather. Try to get the best quality you can afford. Good leather will have few scars and marks, and will have smooth back sides which aren't furry and peeling. Try to always buy good quality vegetable tanned leather for your tooling projects.


    I only recommend buying Fiebing's Oil Dyes and Fiebing's leather treatment products.
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    Oh, and the swivel knife (I learned it as the rotating bevel knife)
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    great thread brokor >> thanks
    also u can find the punches in them baskets at nappa all the time ...
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