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    Sometimes I watch a movie that stays with me and Leave No Trace is one of those movies. Leave No trace is about a troubled Vet and his daughter. There are no pretty solutions but I think the movie got a message across to the audience and highlighted a problem that some Vets face when they return.

    It is available on Amazon.
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    I saw an interview last night on Utube about a girl that was raised by a survivalist mom and dad . I don't remember a lot of the specifics , sorry , that's just the way my mind works , or doesn't work. But when she finally left her parents and got into school , she basically thrived for the knowledge that she had missed for so long. She said she was in a lecture at school , and the speaker mentioned something about the Holocaust , and she asked the speaker what the Holocaust was , and I think that's what triggered her learning desire. She said a lot of students helped from that point to catch up on what she didn't know , and to bring her up to the school level she needed to be at. She ended up winning a scholarship , and was accepted to Harvard , where she graduated with a PHD . I don't know when or how long ago that interview was taken , but it was interesting to hear her speak of her life before and after schooling . She also mentioned , that at the time of the interview , she hadn't seen her Mom in a year and a half , but had probably been more like 5 years since she had actually spent any quality time with her Mom.
    It was interesting to hear , and to hear the effects that that situation could have on a child growing up.
    I'll have to try and see that movie if I can find it. I don't have that Amazon movie channel.
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    Read Opossum living and then look at her history.
    "Possum Living" - the book

    She ended up breaking from her Dad and moving on with her life. We all do that eventually. For some, the break is more dramatic than for most of us.

    Thanks for the Post Moto it's a good movie
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    I read the reviews on-line and I think many of them were written by helicopter Moms. People who have no clue that life is different outside of their cul-de-sac in suburbia.

    @Ganado I will look up that book.
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    Look up her name as well and there are a couple of articles on what happened to her after she wrote the book. Her life changed drastically. You can't hold people back who have a mind that craves new experiences. And you don't change their fundamental upbringing.
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    My Dad made sure I was taught WELL

    Hurt mind , but heart knew later in life , Many years !!

    Public school is a friggin JOKE !! Teachers think they are above " because they are a teacher "
    Joke with a union BS
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    I spent a lot of my childhood in an off-grid, home schooled (Abeka) scenario. I had an incredible thirst for knowledge but that was satisfied by reading the encyclopedia set, going to the library, and eventually learning how to code on an old computer. Integrating back into suburbia was the most stressful/miserable time of my life. I reached the pinnacle of suburban life a few years ago, huge house, great neighborhood, kids in private school, nanny, house cleaner, gym membership, the works, but it felt wrong/empty. We would often take our kids out to my parents farm and they loved it. I quickly realized the feeling of accomplishment from cutting/carrying firewood, taking care of the animals and gardening was what we were missing. We sold our house and have spend the past few years building a homestead near my parents and it has been wonderful. The culture out in the country is much more enjoyable for me, in suburbia people generally ask the same set of questions (education, kids school, neighborhood, job, etc.) which are designed to determine your rank on the social ladder, most conversations generally revolve around those same mind numbing topics as well. In the country people talk about the weather...a lot, hunting, farming, and often they want to know what you are working on and how they can help. The older people in the country also have some great stories that I could sit and listen to for hours.
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    I asked the wife to torrent it in .
    Nice Young Lady .
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    Good thread now weigh the few who felt held back by being homeschooled vs how many lives wasted in public school. The wife and I homeschooled one granddaughter for a couple of years, she is in public and enjoying it, I thought her outdoor bushcraft, farm stuff, basics of driving a nail, hand tools, making things, braiding rope, gardening, pruning trees. Firearm safety, shooting, flying kites etc. Grandma taught her the Calvert School Curriculum, and when they assessed her for public they had to jump her up a grade.
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