Leaving Germany for a forest life

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    I want to send out a short hello to all of you awake people out there.

    My name is Leah, I am a 24 year old former archaologie student from Germany and I am gonna leave this all behind to live in Sweden.
    I always had a feeling in me, that all the stuff we are supposed to do here to make a living, is not what I actually and really want and need.
    When I was a little girl, we had a little cabin in the swedish woods, and I told my father, that I just want to stay there forever when Im all grown up, as we were there for the summer.
    My father told me, that thats nice, but just not possible. Its not reality. I never to this day, quite understood, why not.
    Why do I have to spend my life working for someone or something I dont really want or need, just to live my life then in the short free time you get AFTER you spend your precious time working your ass off.
    Why live for your work instead of working for you life? Why not spending your time and energy in work, that actually brings you further in your own life, supports your health and improves your style of living?
    Why not chopping your own wood and building your own fireplace instead of working for the monea to pay someone to do it for you? Why not building your own little home instead of working to pay someone to be able to stay in his?

    I never found the courage to really think these questions through and live by it, as everyone I ever met told me, its just impossible.
    My life took a turn, when i realised, I was down to my last bit of will to even live when I was just 21.
    This couldnt be all. This couldnt be life.
    I started to read, inform myself, took my last bit of life energie to find out if I am alone with that struggle, those ideas, that wish.
    As it turned out I wasnt!
    And it really IS possible.
    I met a young man, who found himself at the same point where I was. Hopeless, disappointed and just craving for a real life.

    At the end we created a new life start for the both of us, got together enough money to buy ourselves a little peace of land with an almost rotten little cabin and we put all our freshly woken energy, ideas and power in it, to create a small sustainable place for us to live the life we always knew was meant for us.
    At the end of the month we´re going there.
    There is still much work to do and the place and our hearts are far from perfect, but this small spark made us see the sence in life again and we couldnt be happier with a tiny cabin, a little peace of land and little to no money left.

    Thanks to people like you here, a disillusioned hopeless girl found her will and her courage to live life again in the way she always felt was hers.

    Thank you, and may you all never lose your spirit, even in the hardest times. Just stick to what you feel is the right thing, and it will fullfill you.

  2. BlueDuck

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    Glad you saw some light at the end of your tunnel. Life can be an interesting journey. Make it your own and take it where you will.
  3. chimo

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    Good luck to you! A couple of trends to watch out for in Sweden...a move to a cashless society and bad-mannered middle eastern immigrants. Hopefully both will be irrelevant to your new life!
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  4. Seepalaces

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    Good luck. Hope you find your niche.
  5. marlas1too

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    started my life in a primitive set-up and the days were hard but you knew at the end of each day you had done something with your hands ---wish you and yours all the best and just keep on going
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  6. Ura-Ki

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    Well done M'am! I am very glad for you. I know what you seek and I know the trials you have faced and will face still, know you are not alone in this! Unlike you, I had spent my life in the service to others, to the greater good. In that life, I was happy as any man could be, but it came to an end, and every thing turned inside out! I awoke one day and couldn't decide what to do, how I wanted to live my new life! I had a few options, but they didn't fill the hole I had discovered I had inside me! It was at this time I met my special Lady, my sole mate, who like me, was looking for something that you couldn't get with out a lot of self involvement, toil, and challenges! Together we have built a new life, a happy life, one in which we work to fill a desire to do, rather then to be! Our combined efforts are of benefit to no one but US, but to us it is life itself! We took a little speck of land and made it our own! We expanded when the opportunity came and we built it up with our own two hands and a lot of love! Today She and I would tell you we are happier then ether of us has ever been, but it's not quite true, We have so much more to do, so much more life to live, and only the time we have left together on this good earth to do it all! I wish you well in your life's journey, know you are never truly alone, there are many, many people just like you who refuse to accept the yoke of the masters, and we revel in the defiance we have chosen to live, TRULY LIVE!
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  8. Oltymer

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    You make your own reality just like your more ancient ancestors did. Good luck in your adventure!
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  9. Ura-Ki

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    This is my little slice of earth, I figured I might as well enjoy the stunning view from my front porch!
  10. TinyWildThing

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    wow!! As soon as Im going to be at our little land, Im gonna send a picture too, but this..is...amazing!!!!
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  11. chelloveck

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    If that's summer.....winter is like to be rather on the chilly side.....[sled]
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  12. Ura-Ki

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    Two Days ago! Got a little more snow today, and then it's supposed to really dump for Turkey Day! Cannot wait, got my Snow Boards all waxed and ground for my daily Free Ride before and after work! Gotta check the runs to make sure we did a good job!
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  13. Cruisin Sloth

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    Where In Sweden ?

    Var köpte du ditt nya liv?

    Wo haben Sie Ihr neues Leben gekauft?
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  14. TinyWildThing

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    Nahe einer kleinen Stadt genannt gamleby.
    Das ist im Süden Schwedens Nahe der Ostküste. Sprechen Sie beide Sprachen?
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  15. avagdu

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    Exactly. I came to this conclusion several years ago. I tried to explain the "why" to my family but I didn't get much headway. Still have yet to fully realize this goal in my own life but it's something I've always wanted to work towards ever since.
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  16. Motomom34

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    Good for you. I applaud your bravery of shunning the mainstream way of living and living your life as you choose. I am working towards my forever home. I have been a slave to an employer since I was in high school and it is a miserable thing when you realize they value you for what you can earn them.

    So you bought a rotten cabin? Will you be able to live in it while you fix it up?
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  17. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Nein, ich nicht.
    Meine finnische Frau spricht / Typen viele.
    Ich bin glücklich, sogar stolpern zusammen mit meinem CANUK Englisch.
    Frau hat so viele es macht mich echt dumm aussehen, sie gehen aus reden und dann versuchen sie mich aufzunehmen, war ich verloren bei der Geschwindigkeit, die sie unterhalten.
  18. Cruisin Sloth

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  19. TinyWildThing

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    Thank you. Yes, thats exactly the problem. Your value is only as much as you can earn them, as much as your own energy benefits someone else. That f..king money makes everything lose its balance here. I dont know exactly how long this system can keep up tha fassade of being a democraty benfiting all citizens.

    No, I mean you could maybe live there in summer when its dry and warm outside, but in winter it is going to be a very hard time. It´s not rotten in the "totally breaking it down by looking at it" way, but you have to do a LOT of repairings on it. The roof is leaking a bit, the walls are thin (it used to be a summer house only, therefore there is much to be done to make it into a house to live in all year long) and the windows are but little thin peaces of one layered glass put into a wooden frame.
    Some of the wood sceleton of the house is rotten, so we have to make a lot of exchanges, but the basics are a good way to start building a little home.
    It is indeed a bit risky as neather of us has the education to really know how to build a house, but we learn more each day.
    To be able to live somewhere I bought a trailer. That one is actuallly built to transport fresh cooled food, but I rebuilt a caravan out of it, to be able to sleep somewhere "unwindy" in the night

    It really IS going to be an adventure, even getting there through the forest in winter may give us a hard time, especially with a trailer behind.

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  20. TinyWildThing

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    =) If finnish is you maternal language, maybe all other languages to you are easy. I looked at the finnish grammar once, and I decided that I am very glad that I have to learn swedish, rather than finnish.
    I love languages, speaking them, learning them, it is a whole new level of opening your mind to people all over the world, to their cultures, not to speak of the effect learning different languages has on your brain.
    Respect to your wife!
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