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    While I agree with energy reform and I have been waiting for LED bulbs (the new poison ones suck and the old ones are energy wasters), $50 ea is a bit ridiculous. Could would wait a hair until the technology is cheaper (its not like LED tech is new anyways).

    As Government Bans Regular Light Bulbs, LED Replacements Will Cost $50 Each - FoxNews.com

    I could see $5 each or maybe even $10-$15 each (they do last forever).
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    Of course not! Don't you know that Algore and his cronies is making money on those bulbs? They could not conceivably make them any cheaper for the next 5 years or so...
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    run 12 vdc in your homes and use car lights :)
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    Yeah, the technology is there, it's just that these LED's are compromised due to the fact they are crammed into one tiny fixed space to create 100 watt equivalent lighting. This problem will be fixed soon, I am certain, but it is no guess that the price will be astounding for a while.

    The energy reform measures are a means to incorporate draconian legislation and leads back to Codex Alumentarius and carbon taxation on humans. I know, some of the "sane" crowd don't believe it because they like to trust in the better nature of mankind, mostly because they have some comfortable job or an easy life, they know nothing about the destruction of the middle class and the creation of one serfdom under one world order. The energy "crisis" is purposefully created, hyped, and pushed for by the globalists. It is a good idea to be "greener", but just like everything else in this pathetic world, if the corpolitical state cannot first profit from it, then it doesn't happen.
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    I know what I'll be stocking up on at the dollar store next month...
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    I know one LED that is absolutely AWESOME in the amount and quality of light it puts out. The Cree brand LR-6, which is a bulb for recessed lights.

    Expensive ? Yep. I paid 65 bucks/ea for a dozen to put in my kitchen when we remodeled it last fall, after trying 2 of them back over the master bath vanity, and being blown away at how much better light they put out compared to CFL pieces of crap. They run in the 3,000+ Kelvin range and put out an INSTANT on, warm, bright light, compared to slow to warm, bluish white light for most CFL bulbs. THAT's why we tested two of them on the bath vanity....my wife kept complaining about the two lights over her mirror in the morning.....crappy light.

    AND if you sit down and run the numbers, they are NOT that expensive.

    Life: 50,000 hours, compared to the projected 8,000 on a CFL. Problem with CFL's is they don't get that life if you turn them on/off a lot, whereas that is not supposed to affect LED bulbs. So, 6-7 bulb replacements compared to one LED, and probably more with real world use.
    A CFL like this runs 8-10 bucks, so JUST on bulb cost, the LED beats it. And 50,000 life on a bulb is a LONG dadgum time....probably lifetime bulbs for many of us, depending on location.

    Power: 10.5w compared to 18-19w on a CFL or 75w on the PAR-30 incandescent bulb it replaces.

    You figure 8watts difference on 50,000hrs and that's 400kw/hrs. We pay 9 cents/kw/hr now, which means over the same life, a CFL uses 36 bucks MORE in power ( and at today's rates ) than that LED. Add that to the bulb replacement costs, and LEDs are cheaper RIGHT NOW than CFL bulbs.....by far. Compared to a regular 75w bulb, LEDs are DIRT CHEAP just on power use alone....forget replacement costs. A 75w bulb will use 64.5w more than a 10.5w LED, and over 50,000hrs, you're talking 270 bucks in power alone !
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  7. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    ive been thinkin on makin my own
    just need to find good LEDs :)
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