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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by wideym, Mar 10, 2020.

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    I have an older Lee hand priming tool (actually three), and main housing that holds the shell holder sheared off during use (one that uses the round primer hopper). I used one of the others to finish the job, then checked the Lee website and the warranty section states that you can send any product of any age back to the factory for repair. Labor and parts are free or if not repairable will sell you a current one at half the retail price.

    I like Lee products, however I have more problems with them than with RCBS. Actually I haven't had any problems with RCBS as of yet other than breaking an occasional de-capping pin, but I've done that on all the different die sets I own.

    I sent the hand priming tool off to Lee today along with the hopper cover to another hand priming tool that is square due to one of the retaining tabs breaking off. Sometimes the cover will come off during use and spill primers everywhere. I'll update as soon as I hear back from Lee.
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    I like the old Lee round hand priming tool. I have two, one set up for s.all primers and one for large primers.
    The newer tool is square. Reviews have been spotty, so I stay with the old style. Had to get some spare parts from another forum member to repair one of mine.
    I tried the RCBS tool, but hated it. Very user-unfriendly, needing total disassembly to change shell holders.
    Just my experiences.
  3. wideym

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    Got a call from Lee an hour ago. They no longer support the round hopper style hand priming tool, but they said the square hopper priming tool can be upgraded to their folding hopper. She told me that the newer folding hopper style is a combined large and small primer in one tool, no more large primer tray or small primer tray swap outs.

    They suggested I exchange the credit for the old tool and broken cover of the newer tool for the upgraded folding hopper kit. They are sending me the upgrade at no additional cost. The email I received showed the kit costs $10.00 and shipping would be $4.49 for a total of $14.49.

    I am disappointed they cannot replace the part to my old priming tool and that I get so little value in trade in on the newer priming tool upgrade. If I did not already own the newer style of priming tool, I think I would really be out of luck. I am intrigued at how well the upgrade will work though. I'll let you all know when it gets here and how well it works.
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    @wideym thanks for the time to post this information. I also have an old Lee priming tool and it suits my needs, but like you the lid does pop off if I'm not careful. The lid is so old it's yellowing, but I figure a little bit of Turtle Wax headlight lens restoration may be in order soon.
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  5. wideym

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    The Lee XR/Ergo tray update came in today and so far I'm not impressed. I had thought it was a "one size fits all" upgrade without having to change out parts for small or large primer, but it still lhas the same style small or large primer units only they don't have a fixed tray, it's a detachable tray.

    Ironically, I prepped all my brass yesterday, so I don't have any to try the upgraded priming tool on for now.
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