legal defense: "taser confusion"

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    from inowars:
    the officer involved in shooting a restrained defenseless man lying face down on the concrete of a BART terminal
    maybe building a case for "taser confusion" drawing and discharging his Glock.40cal sidearm instead of his taser.
    "OOPs oh crap(? )"

    What could possibly be the purpose of this unusual narration?
    Building a case for Taser Confusion:
    For several days sources inside BART have leaked information that veteran officer Johannes Mehserle is organizing a defense around the idea that he meant to unholster his taser but mistakenly reached for his Glock 40 cal. instead. Claudine Wong seems to be working very hard for the defense by suggesting that a look of confusion and lack of response by the officers on the scene immediately after firing a bullet into the back of their prisoner proves that some sort of mistake was made.

    One more reason to outlaw the dang things...[gun]

    Like current MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) training frowns on covering the front brake lever brake with one or two fingers approaching an intersection.
    (An old habit I had to break). Because in the heat of the moment when you need a full four finger squeeze you will react with the one or two fingers. Happened to me in fla crossing an Intersection section, two-up. A truck in the left lane stopped blocking the view of on coming traffic from seeing us, I was defensive but still had to respond with a full hand full of front brake.
    In a split second stressful situation you do what you trained to do.
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    O/T observation: If I grabbed the front brake on my Sprint with 4 fingers and heaved around on it, I'd be on the pavement quicker than johnniebegood. 2 is enough to get me stopped pronto. (Have done it both ways.) That habit will not be broken by me.

    Back on topic, then. All four of the "officers" jumped back at the discharge, and just looked fuddled. In the video, not one of them made a move to either call for a cart or try to help the vic. Very strange, that, even tho' they were likely deafened by the shot. There is patently no excuse for that shooting. Not even if the cop in question had zero training. Whether or not anything beyond firing happens, the guy needs some self discipline and that lawyer needs to abandon the case on moral if not ethical grounds (tho' it really is an interesting way to duck a homicide conviction.)
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    What ever works for ya "G" I thought they were nuts until I noticed myself punching only two fingers out in sudden braking practice... i'mriding two up on an'80 goldwing interstate..I need a fist full to bring it to bear...
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    back on topic..didn't really seem like a very stressful situation after all; from the cell cameras pov...
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    If it works then will it become precedent for when I reach to scratch my nuts but pull my 45 and shoot someone?
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    justdon't scratchyour.45 and shoot your nuts!!!!lol
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