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    There was an earlier post on QRP (low power - 10 watts or so)
    Sometimes 10 watts just won't make it.
    So - what can you to get by today? More power?

    HF Linear Amplifier :: HL-45B - 160m~10m (45w)
    Toyko Hi power ~50 watt designed for the FT-817. 440 USD new, under 300 USD used

    Yaesu FL110 100 watt amplifier, sold with the FT 7 years ago About 300 USD for a nice unit

    Build your own - 35 watts - 229 USD
    HF Projects - HF Packer-Amp V4

    Build it yourself starting with just a cicuit board and get your own parts
    WA2EBY Amplifier Revisited

    The Amateur Radio Service is allowed to use up to 1Kw (1500 W PEP) but bigger isn't always better. At the low end, booster a SGC-2020 or an FT-187 QRP rig to 50 watts will add a lot of fun, aftr that, you should just consider a 100Watt radio set - too many to even discuss here.

    Once past that, an 800 to 1500 watt amplifier will burn through pile ups and so on. The down side is the problems this level of power can make for operators. FRI.EMI issues and the sheer cost of the 220V power is something to consider.

    Years ago I ran a KWM-2 and 30L1 amplifier (500 to 800 watts) - it worked, but after a while, I found it too easy to knock off stations...

    So then went through a series of radios and now use a Ft-990 (great RX) and a SGC-2020 or FT-1817 for field work.

    Power amplifiers have a place - but in a disaster, the high power units eat masssive amounts of hard-to-come-by power, so the under 50 watters are something to look at for your 'after' radio station.

    The links about should give you something to think about.

    Have fun!
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    If you're using more than 100W on a digital mode, a lot of people hate you.
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    Although I do have an old Amp Supply LK 500 series I rarely use it. As DKR stated they will burn through pile-ups; it also spins the meter outside.

    Pile ups are the result of a DX-pedition:

    "A DX-pedition is an expedition to what is considered an exotic place by amateur radio operators, perhaps because of its remoteness or because there are very few radio amateurs active from that place. This could be an island, a country, or even a particular spot on a geographical grid."

    When the DX-pedition is on the air transmitting; literally thousands of Hams are trying to get through.

    NHR - DXpedition Map
  4. DKR

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    Buddy of mine, active duty at the time, was able to put KL7FBI Shemya Island on the air as the military shut down the base to put it i caretaker status.

    He and a buddy grabbed a ride on a C-130 to Johnston Island, a former nerve gas disposal site and put it o the air as the military closed operations.

    In both cases working split (TX and RX on different frequencies) was the only way to operate - and at that they had to shift their RX spot several times due to DC cluster activity.

    Crazy fun tho - for the week they were there.
  5. Tikka

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    That would be serious fun to do.


    Shemya Story - KL7JR

    There is a Sleep Inn on Shemya Island. lol

    I was very active for years; then job changes won out over buying 6 yards of concrete and new base stubs every move. ;)
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