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    Has anyone else ever thought about how screwed up it is that every state has drunk driveing laws and the only way to prove a person was driveing drunk is to get them to incriminate themselves? I know here in MO if you refuse to submit to a BAC test you automaticly loose your lisence for a year. Wouldnt anyone driveing eradicly be guilty of carless and imprudent driveing regardless of drunk or not and if they had been drinking but thier driveing was not impaired then no problem. So why have a seperate law, when there is already one if they are not in controle of the vehicle and it can only be proven through a violation of the persons 5th amendment rights?
    Dont get me wrong Im not for drunk driveing, I just against government being able to force anyone to incriminate themselves or else be punished for not complying and wondered if anyone else had considered this aspect of it.
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