legislated rise of the cash-less society.

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    I want to point out the not-so-subtle genius of comment#3:
    <cite>Jah-Bul-On</cite> Says:
    <small class="commentmetadata">June 25th, 2008 at 9:55 am </small> Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc
    Brothers! Goodnews! Today it has been announced by our beloved leader, BB,
    that all cititzens and Party members are to use the new form of currency,
    doubleplus-Current-currency, which only functions when our glorious society is able to generate
    a stable electric current.
    Because, after all, how likely is it that the electric grid could ever fail?
    Anyway, this new system is far superior to oldthinker-cash-money since all inflationairy corrections can be input individually in real time, thus making the periodic rectification of stated inflation numbers by the department of records unnessecary.
    We must trust the word of BB on this, any deviation on these matters will lead to ThoughtCrime
    and the continued use of CashCrime will facilitate the goals of our Eternal Enemy,
    the Terrorist Eurasian hordes and their misguided barbaric Goldsteinist agenda.
    Brothers, do not be fooled by any Eurasian propaganda,
    the new doubleplusgoodful-moneys will benefit all
    and bring Glorious Victory to the people of our grand BB-loving society.
    Death to the Terrorists of Eurasia!
    long live BB! Victoryful Currency to the people!
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