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    Monday, October 30, 2006

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    Since I am so very often NOT right about much you would think this would make me humble. Alas, this just shows that you are also wrong. When I finally am correct I tend to gloat about it, doing little touchdown dances and acting the fool. I have never subscribed to the theory that your rifles must be in common calibers.
    While it is nice to have a 308 caliber rifle so as to be able to find the ammo anywhere, it is not necessary as far as I’m concerned. A little while back I warned that there had been reports of common calibers in bulk becoming scarce. Supposedly the US is equipping its troops from civilian sources as their supply was inadequate. So the typical survivalist must suffer financially from Uncle Sam’s lack of planning. 223, 308, 9mm, 45, and 762x39 ( for the Iraqi Keystone Kops ) were getting harder to find and/or more expensive.

    And now it has happened. A glorious moment for me, the one lone rational voice in the wilderness. The price for a box of new ammunition in 308 is now higher than 303 British!! HA! It used to be that it was cheaper to buy 308 and thus I should have switched to the Indian Enfield’s which fired that round if I had followed conventional wisdom. I never did since I don’t like the post and leaf sites and the price difference in ammo didn’t warrant buying new rifles ( remember my phobia of buying more than one rifle of the same model after I watched Robin Williams in “The Survivalist” when his expensive semi-auto suffered a bent barrel ). Not having current military rounds is now paying off. In your faces, super survival studs shooting semi auto’s.
    This might be the only instance where my refusing to join the herd pays off. I shall enjoy. However, let’s also ponder a moment. What if ol’ Jim is actually right again? I mean, it could happen. Let’s just say that we enter a period of economic stagnation like the 1970’s. This would be great for me if I don’t starve from unemployment first as I might actually really start to sell my book “Frugal Survivalist”.

    But perhaps not to great for survivalists following conventional advice. Everything associated with survivalism will experience a surge in demand, shortages and increased prices. MRE’s and freeze dried meals. Water filters. Semi-auto rifles and their ammunition. Mopeds and bicycle engines. PV panels. Okay, the moped might be a stretch since no self respecting macho survivalist is going to be seen in anything other than a 4x4 truck, but you get my point here.

    Surely you can see the wisdom of not following the conventional path? One case of twelve meals of MRE’s cost the same as a years supply of whole wheat kernels. One freeze dried meal from Wal-Mart cost almost twice that of a weeks supply of rice and beans. And if there is a local population of Hispanics you would do better to stock up on canned baked beans in #10 cans and white flour in twenty five pound bags to beat that crowd. Water filters might double in cost as they did for Y2K. Buy a few rolls of clear and black plastic for a solar still. Stay away from semi-autos altogether and get bolt actions. They cost less, only need a tenth of the ammunition and that ammo costs less to boot.

    You would do well to avoid a generator. They will be as scarce as in a Lowe’s in the path of a hurricane. Go buy a 110v wall plug in battery charger and a slew of marine batteries and charge them up ahead of time. While they work can or dry everything in your freezer after having a big BBQ. Buy at least one PV panel now, before the rush. Even a 15w panel will keep a battery topped off if your electrical needs are slight. Buy batteries every week at the dollar store, stocking up. Not when an emergency threatens.

    Buy your bicycle before gas goes up to $4 a gallon. Buy extra pairs of cheap boots when Payless has a sale of Buy One Get One half off ( BOGO ). Visit thrift stores for wool. Avoid the synthetic shortages. Get a moped now or even a motor for your bike. Just beware mail order mopeds as regular motorcycle mechanics won’t work on them. Either buy from a dealer that works on his sales items or spend two grand on a Japanese moped or buy a motor that attaches to your bike and treat it as a throw away item if two cycle mechanics charge too much to repair them. Granted, some items can’t be substituted and must be stockpiled beforehand. You could do the same with conventional items such as that 308 ammo. Just keep in mind the coming shortages/price inflation in all survival gear. Either plan ahead and stock up or only buy what no one wants.

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    Great advice.
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    Some yeah;Though I want to make it clear, this is a "stolen"blog post and in no way am I doing the "in your face"semi auto guys "end zone boogy" dance like he is, but I didn't want to edit it...
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    I was mainly thinking of it as a great idea for backup rifles, along as some of the other ideas. I would never give up my semi and rock and roll items as a first line of defense until I run out of ammo for them.
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