LEO threatens a guy with death for having CCW

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Well thats just special, isn't it...that police officer (Harless) needs to find another line of work pronto...jerks like him give all LEO's a bad name, he is a disgrace to his uniform...
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    i bet he gets paid time off for the whole investigation
    and then gets just a slap on the wrist
    when cops are under investigation for something this bad
    it should come out of their pocket, not ours
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    looking for a job

    That officer would be looking for a job if he woked for my Sheriff, and did I miss it the first thing I always do and have always been trained to do. Before I search a vehicle or a house I ask two questions and they are (1) Do you or anyone have any weapons (2) Is there anything going to stick or cut me. Plus before I search I get everyone out of the vehicle. I think what the officer did when he found the the driver had a firearm it hit him he could have got shot and rather than put the blame where it belonged on himself he took it out on the driver. This officer needs some anger managment
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    His anger is misguided to say the least. He should have asked and he probably would have gotten an honest answer about the presence of a weapon. Police officers should consider everyone to be armed. That's not an excuse to act beyond reasonable caution, but as an LEO, you have to accept that you are ALWAYS behind the eight ball. You react to action, the other guy gets to decide when to attack, and if someone really wants to take you out... they have a pretty good shot at accomplishing it.

    This guy got mad when the foundations of his fantasy of indestructibility took a hit.
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    Here's a similar encounter. Seems that LEOs basically treat you if you had no CCW and there's not much you can do about it.


    My question is: once they see that a person has a CCW permit--i.e., you are not in violation of any law--your gun is temporarily "confiscated" for the officer's protection.

    At this point, there are two people in a situation...both have guns legally, yet one is treated like a criminal. The only useful aspect of having a CCW seems to be that you don't face a felony for carrying concealed.

    Here's a LEO take on the subject...interesting:

    Dealing with citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon

    The profile of the typical, pro-LE CCW holder:
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    In N.C., Your license plate is flagged if you have a CCW or if you are a convicted pedophile or sex offender...the police know it as soon as they run your plate...on the other hand...LEO are not allowed to ask for your weapon or even ask to see it...we are required to tell them we are armed though...
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    Wouldn't be legally be searching my car without a warrant or probable cause because:
    'Officer, I do not consent to searches'

    but even if the cop was being a butthole, I'd make sure that he heard that I had a CCW and was carrying. But, he'd still not be legally be searching the car.
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    "The case is pending in Municipal Court with a jury trial scheduled for next month."

    There shouldn't be a case, these charges should have never made it to court.
    The officer is clearly in the wrong and close to being out of control.
    He threatened the life of a individual whom was cuffed and stuffed in the patrol car. If anyone of use threatened some ones life we would be charged and prosecuted. Clearly the DA isn't helping matter.

    The Da is prosecuting a person on dubious charges and refraining from prosecuting the true criminal.
    Old boys club, the police union protects one of there own, the police department does the usual slap on the wrist, and the da looks the other way.
    Business as usual nothing to see here, these are not the droids your looking for.
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    The courts are also paid from the proceeds generated by the fines issued by the police do they not? Does anyone see a conflict of interest when it comes to true justice? Or am i just too suspicious [tf]
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    It just goes to show

    It's not a good idea to be driving out and about with CCW heat if you're likely to be having a bad Harless day! : O
  12. beast

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    the american justice system is coin-op, just like ive been saying
    its not about justice, its how much money the gov can legally steal
    as fines
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  13. tacmotusn

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    Oh Contraire our Aussie Monkey. If you have a CCW and you are not packing you are foolish, or you are at a nudist camp. Even an excellent police 911 response takes minutes. A so so 911 response often takes multiple 10's of minutes. Often as has been proven time and time again in the USA, an armed citizen has foiled the nefarious intentions of hard core criminals in seconds legally since CCW has become the Law of the land here. It may make some people uncomfortable, but many of us here are armed 24/7, 365 days of the year, or at least within arms reach of a firearm very quickly. Woe be the evil doer who brings us intentions of harm.
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  14. Hispeedal2

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    Dealing with citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon

    ^ This article was very enlightening. Thanks for sharing it Guit-fishN. Kudos on the author for bringing this to the attention of other LEOs. In my state, a CCW holder would never be treated like that. I understand that is not the same elsewhere. Especially in places that are new to CCW. As right to carry does grow, we will see more growing pains.

    I hope the officer gets punished accordingly. I think the citizen will walk in this case. There is too much negative publicity and everyone knows how the story really went.
  15. chelloveck

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    As Dr Sheldon Cooper would say.......


    ‪TBBT - Best Bazinga Ever?‬‏ - YouTube

    I have on occasions had reason to CCW, (because it was my job)....but alas...hadn't been afforded the opportunity of drawing to sort out an "evil doer". Though truth to tell...In Australia...the tendancy is to apprehend lawbreakers in accordance with the law of the land, rather than making moral judgements about what constitutes "evil".

    I'm in agreement with al2....the link to Dealing with citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon is very useful as a guide...thanks for sharing it.

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    Sorry to say but Internet publicity and what one news article doesn't make a defense.
    It all depends on what evidence the judge always, remember the video on the link in suppose to be enhanced. Which could easy be thrown out.

    That leaves a police mans testimony against the citizen, who do you think wins that one?
    As far as the police office getting punished, where Are the assault charges
    for threaten the life of the citizen? My point is if you or someone else
    Had threaten to shoot someone not once but at least twice in the video
    You would be charged, not place on leave with pay.
  17. CATO

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    You bring up a good point that has been already touched on, so let's explore that some:

    If we agree that police officers, while still human and make mistakes, must be held to a higher standard than your average citizen, can we agree that their actions and behavior have to be professional in all aspects and their integrity beyond reproach. Obviously, we know this sometimes isn't true. So, what do we, as citizens do when we *KNOW* that an officer doesn't fit the job requirements? What can we do? Do officers that show these characteristics need to go to therapy or see a shrink? I know in certain areas, there is a citizen review board to review issues like these.

    In this instance, this guy obviously has anger problems. He linked a guy legally carrying a gun to those that actually shoot at him. This is an error in judgement. As the cop in the link above stated, don't treat law-abiding people like criminals. The citizen stated that he tried to tell him about his CCW, but the cop told him to shut the f**k up--this doesn't seem like something out of the ordinary for this guy.

    Back to the shrink: what if he's found to have some type of issue....maybe PTSD from Iraq (he was a Marine...let's assume he saw some combat). I know that when a citizen purchases a gun, there are a few questions about "have you ever been found to be mentally ______." If you answer "YES" to this question, no gun for you...period.

    Similarly, I know that the VA docs ask questions like "Have you ever thought about hurting yourself or others." Answer affirmative to that, and the sheriff will come by and confiscate any guns you have because of your mental issue. (I don't know if this was legal or SOP across the country, but I know it happened recently). <makes me="" wonder="" how="" the="" "do="" you="" have="" any="" guns="" in="" your="" household"="" questions="" are="" used="" medical="" profiles="" these="" days.="" if="" you're="" given="" drugs="" for="" depression,="" do="" they="" check="" to="" see="" answered="" "yes"="" and="" then="" pass="" that="" along="" authorities?="">

    My point is that perhaps you have someone walking around that maybe shouldn't have a gun--here, we have to agree that regardless of the 2nd Amendment, some people shouldn't have a gun. The officer is correct, having a CCW is a big responsibility--I know I take mine very seriously. However, being a cop is a bigger responsibility. Actions such as this are a slap in the face to every officer who behaves in manner fitting the responsibility they bear. I teach at a local University part-time and many of my students are cops and they are usually my best students and have the most insight into the subject matter.

    It's too bad that the thin blue line is so unbending. Perhaps if more officers held other officers accountable for poor behavior, things like this would be less common. But, on the flip side, I understand having the other guy's back no matter what. Sometimes, I think these guys feel like they're in a war and it's "us" vs "them" and the "them" is any citizen (aka potential perp).</makes>
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    I just talked about this on my show on Friday. For comparison I also played this video so that people see what a police stop involving a firearm SHOULD look like.

    ‪Oceanside open carry‬&rlm; - YouTube

  19. Cephus

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    Now that is how a stop should be conducted .
    Hats off to that Officer.
  20. Hispeedal2

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    Thanks for posting that Dutch!

    Despite the fact that there are probably dozens of similar, respectful stops weekly, the only ones that ever pop up here on Monkeys are the bad ones. Dwelling on the few turds doesn't give one a true picture of the situation, while ignoring the many times its done right. It certainly doesn't give one a true picture of most LEOs. Having been stopped a couple times carrying, my experiences went similar to this ^.
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