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    Saw this yesterday and the reports at the time SEEMED to brush it all off as just worry wort's...

    BUT... thinkin on it some... with all the people illegally coming over the border and NOT being screened for health issues...

    gotta figure some nasty stuff could get imported...

    SEEMS like our ELECTED official are NOT protecting us from much of anything anymore... ?

    TWO cases of leprosy could have broken out at a Californian primary school, parents have been warned.

    Parents have now refused to send their children to Indian Hills Elementary in Jurupa Valley after notes were sent home warning parents that two students “might” be sick with leprosy.

    Primary school kids ‘struck down with Biblical flesh-rotting skin disease’
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    Everything we thought was eradicated is now coming back. Aren't open borders the schnizz!
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    Armadillos can carry leprosy, a fact I was unaware of until my vet found out I'd made a pet of one a while back. Apparently they've been the source for a growing number of cases cropping up in humans in Florida.
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    Lol! Never say anything bad about people from Louisiana....That's funny, Pet armadillo!!!
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    That's what happens when you mix dirty hippies and sick illegals.
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    This has been happening (reported to my knowledge) for at least 15 years as far as I remember. There are lots of diseases arriving daily from S. America and Mexico, most are easily treated. However, with so many people becoming resilient to antibiotics these days (thanks, GMO foods!) --we have "superbugs" coming into view more often than is comfortably acceptable. The greatest fight in the future pertaining to health will be against the pharmaceutical industry and big agriculture giants who profit from your illnesses.
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    Mom likes armadillos, she'd like one as a pet...so would our cats...
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  9. chelloveck

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    Leprosy has been endemic to America since at least 1758 when it was reported in Florida, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1425322/pdf/pubhealthrep00096-0112.pdf . with new cases being reported annually since that time, yet when the media report two cases of students at an elementary school in California contracting it....everyone is going nuts about it! Realistically, a child is more likely to be shot dead at school, than contract Leprosy there.

    Leprosy was thought to have been originally introduced to America by early Spanish explorers, and as a consequence of the slave trade. Given that there is a latency period of between 5-20 years from the time of infection until symptoms present, it would not be surprising that that some of the infections might be attributable to US citizens returning from their jet setting excursions to and from places like Asia and Africa where the incidence of the disease is very much higher than in America.

    I'd be interested in seeing actual data from the harrumphers here , supporting the hypotheses that inadequate border screening, and that dirty hippies mixing with sick illegals are the contributory factors to the disease's spread within the USA.

    Interestingly, 15 new cases of Leprosy had been reported in Louisiana in 2001, of which 13 cases were considered endemic. The cases were evenly distributed among the 13 counties of Louisiana....

    Were all these (mainly white) Louisianans, dirty hippies whom had contracted Hansen's disease by consorting with sick illegals??? Unlikely that they all had pet Armadillos. :eek:

    Of the 36,800 newly reported cases of Hansen's disease in the Americas recorded by the WHO in 2011, USA's contribution of new cases was a frightening 173 individuals! and folks are excitable and alarmed about 2 cases in a school in California??? http://www.who.int/wer/2012/wer8734.pdf?ua=1

    New U.S. Reported Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Cases by Year, 1985-2014
    Year Frequency
    1986 342
    1987 327
    1988 270
    1989 229
    1990 247
    1991 299
    1992 215
    1993 278
    1994 208
    1995 165
    1996 154
    1997 132
    1998 103
    1999 88
    2000 77
    2001 110
    2002 133
    2003 135
    2004 131
    2005 166
    2006 137
    2007 157
    2008 150
    2009 213
    2010 294
    2011 173
    2012 168
    2013 188
    2014 175
    Source: New U.S. Reported Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Cases by Year, 1985-2014

    Given the low level of transmissibility of the disease, I wonder why some would be so perturbed at the one or two hundred new cases of an eminently treatable disease in a population of a few hundred million souls, but apparently seem not to be alarmed at the national carnage consequent to gun related deaths?

    Given the choice of contracting Leprosy and getting knocked over while crossing a street in the USA; I'd rather take my chances with Leprosy thank you. :eek:
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  10. techsar

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    Armadillos may carry leprosy, but it is a different strain than what affects humans...just to keep things straight :)
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  11. chelloveck

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  12. Brokor

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    I pointed out earlier that's it's not just leprosy, but a wide range of diseases that can be and are spread by illegals. But, most, if not all can be easily treated. It's the resistance to antibiotics that becomes the real problem. Like it or not, this country does, in fact have a serious immigration problem, with politics getting in the way of protecting the border. The Minutemen would do a fine job, if the government stepped out of the way. We can solve our own problems, all of them --save the government problem.
    We are not alarmed, because we do not fear the false flag terror campaign. We are not alarmed at every staged event, or some Liberal psycho who was off their meds and decided to shoot up a school. We are not alarmed because we do not believe we need more laws in a futile attempt to curb CRIMINALS, who do not obey law. And the facts speak for themselves, more armed, law abiding citizens equals less crime, and less shootings.

    I would say you missed the memo on this one, but I am not offended. I just thought you, being an alert Australian would understand how dangerous it is to be disarmed.
  13. Tempstar

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    Right. And they make excellent pets.
  14. chelloveck

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    It would seem that Armadillos are a vector for transmission to humans, but the incidence of transmissibility is very low....the greater risk is from human to human contact, and even then, 95% of the human population are not susceptible to infection.

  15. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I understand the health risks that unscreened entrants to any country represents to the country of reception, and don't take issue at wanting to minimize the health risks to the citizens of the country concerned, be it the USA or Australia. The point I was making was that the reaction to a couple of students presenting with indications of Leprosy is out of proportion to the other health risks of being a school student, and out of proportion to infection rates in total national population. I was not attacking you or your post, just bemused at some here who leap to judgement, without bothering to examining or offering any evidence to support their conclusions.

    In the case of Leprosy, which is what the post originated as, it would be unsound to simply attribute illegal immigrants as the source of transmission, while ignoring other reasonable explanations. Relying on evidence based epidemiological research to account for the disease's spread seems to me to be a better way of informing opinion than merely indulging in a moral panic about illegal immigration. The good news is, that over the past several decades, the incidence of the disease in the USA has been progressively falling.

    I was not suggesting in this post that US citizens be unarmed or disarmed....just pointing out that the relative health risks to students makes concerns about contracting Leprosy quite insubstantial. Not all students die at the hands of "liberal psychos off their meds"....those perps just get the lion's share of publicity.

    I agree that the effectiveness of antibiotics have been progressively compromised for a whole slew of reasons:

    Over prescription,

    Inappropriate prescription for illnesses that the medications are ineffective for treating, (such as viral infections).

    Reliance by agribusiness as animal growth promotants and as preventives in intensive livestock production,

    Ignorance on the part of patients who do not follow the dosage prescription throughout the course of medication.
  16. Brokor

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    Internet search term: "mass shootings pharmaceutical drugs"
    Internet search term: "political party mass shooter"

    You may find even with an average amount of skepticism, the majority are Democrats and/or especially taking prescribed psychotropic drugs.
  17. oil pan 4

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    A few years ago I read that at least 80% of mass shooters are on dr. prescribed mind altering drugs.
    But the media tell us its all because of the gun's and ammo's fault.

    Illegal aliens bring noting we need into our country.
    Where I live they bring in tuberculosis. They are too poor and/or ignorant to go to a doctor when they get sick so they wait till they are coughing up blood and furiously contagious before they seek any kind of medical treatment.
    Every single time my wife sees some one with a really bad case of tuberculosis where she works its a non-English speaking fence jumper with out a valid US identification. If they make one US citizen sick as far as I am concerned that is too many.
  18. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    1. I made no specific mention of mass shootings or mass shooters....incidents involving mass shootings generate spectacular interest, but the majority of school shooting incidents don't involve a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting or Umpqua Community College shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia level of victim death and injury: However, in aggregate they outnumber the deaths and injuries incurred at those two incidents.

    Analysis of School Shootings Everytown's research seems to be fairly conservative. List of school shootings in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Compare Sandy Hook and Umpqua against the other "school" shooting incidents recorded in the Everytown report for the years 2013-2015 inclusive.

    2. The fear of deportation, of course has nothing to do with an illegal's not seeking treatment until they extremis. By the time tubercular illegal patients get to the blood coughing stage, their fear of death may understandably become greater than their fear of deportation. Being too poor to seek a doctor may be a factor of not being readily able to participate in the licit job market; and few exploitive under-the-counter cash paying employers are likely to offer health benefits for their sweat labour. Gotta love free enterprise capitalism...no care and no responsibility. ;)
  19. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    your source "wikipedia" is edited so often by anyone for any reason that one has to place most if not all of it under suspicion...

    or another was of saying it is... it has a tendency to be unreliable...

    as too often those editing it often have an agenda in mind when they edit things...

    and so ignore or twist the facts/truth...
  20. oil pan 4

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    Its not just TB, my wife has seen a few come in with untreated and undiagnosed end stage cancer. So they could be pretty much have anything you can imagine.
    A source of cheap undocumented labor, another reason why we don't need them.
    Seems the demand for cheap undocumented labor cant be stopped. Then the supply should be cut off.
    Capitalism isn't the only cause. The main cause is ineffective government that doesn't enforce laws it passed and does noting to secure the boarder.
    Any other economic model illegals would be unemployable but likely they would be exploited far worse. Like I see in most of the other countries I have been to.
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