Less banks today than in 1934

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by gunbunny, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Back in the day (1985) the US had 18,000 banks. Today we have about 6,800. What do you think is going on here? Consolidation to the TBTF banks, setting us up for one heck of a fall if any one of them were to go under.

    Here's the article I got the statistics from: Too Big To Fail Banks Are Taking Over As Number Of U.S. Banks Falls To Record Low | Zero Hedge

    I'm using a credit union at the moment, and if that ever when it closes, I'm going to get my paychecks cashed at (gack) Walmart before I use a zombie TBTF bank.
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    Would seem, and I am relying on old guy memory, I remember that if 7 or 10% of the banks where to close that it would send us into social upheaval.. Looting, rioting, living in cardboard and blue tarp hut's and eating rat soup.. That was from back in the 80's and I have noted that there have been a lot of banks closing, yet no one really taking notice.. Thanks to you @gunbunny for pointing this out. History WILL repeat itself, and harshly for the unprepared ..
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    The system in place now relies heavily on creating assets from debt, since it's the only way to continue this usury scheme. The privately owned Federal Reserve has a monopoly on the monetary supply, and government spending appears to be rampant. In fact, the massive borrowing and perpetually growing national debt is the counter-balance to ever increasing interest --making a mountain out of a mole hill (only on an epic scale), and facilitating an impending collapse of unparalleled proportions.

    Don't ever believe for a second they don't know what they are doing. Sure, some will play the incompetence routine, and speculators will guff and haw about how ridiculous this all really is. This system was designed to create massive wealth in the hands of very few, and strip nations of property and value, instituting a population of slaves. Not only that, but it can be tightly controlled, creating depressions and recessions at will, manipulate markets and funds, conceal true wealth, and become the catalyst for global socioeconomic transformation.
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    Of this I have absolutely no doubts of! Just about the time I think I have a handle on what the whole monetary system is, I learn that I may be wrong.. I am not bright enough, and such I will not trust anything the son's of B****,s have to say. At one point in my life, I payed cash for everything.. I did not own much, but I did not owe anyone anything.. Then I got married again....
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    Your mistake, was marring the wrong one, the first time.... Live and Learn....
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    There ya go... Don't think I hadn't beat myself over that before..
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    The thing that really makes me worried about this, is that after the banks are nationalized, the precedent for forcing the taxpayers to buy products from a "private" company has already been set by the ACA and the supreme court. That is- after the government takes over the banks- they will force you to have a bank account (of course one that gives you NEGATIVE interest). Double taxation, why not?
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    You are already forced to use a product that they mandate you use.. Fed notes!! Not real Constitutional currency..
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    Wait, it'll get even better when x percent of your retirement plan MUST, by government edict, be Government bonds.
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    Or they just seize it and replace it with medicare only....
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