less is more? Or living on less?

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    Just like the RV and the idea of living on less, also living for and with what is really important.
    Saving money and living at or below our means will get us ready for...the future(thought I would say SHTF otr teowawki or WROL?) okay that too? LOL
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    It doesn't say where he gets his mail sent to. I am assuming some kind of po box? Also need an address for his drivers license and to register his vehicle. Also assuming the camper has a toilet and shower. So, he will need to refill the water and dump tanks periodically. Maybe he is living at a campground full time and doesn't state that.
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    ...and then there's the guy that got tired of trying to find a place "safe" enough to park his RV! He was constantly being harassed by local PD officers ( Kalifornia!) and he got sick and tired of paying high gas prices....
    He sold his RV, and his small utility trailer, then bought a small piece of land ( 2.2 acres) and had a used mobile home put on it, in the middle of nowhere. Now he's happy...and he lives on ONLY $851.00 a month!
    He has a wood stove, and lives miles from the nearest town....Being frugal he has all he needs, a used compact car to go for supplies, and now he has satellite internet and TV of all things!
    It can be done, but you have to have your priorities in order to do it!
    In the past 2 years he has managed to do quite well...he bought a used propane fridge and stove, and even a water heater. He set up a 400 watt wind generating system and with ONLY 2- 100 watt solar panels and 4 batteries, he has yet to have a single problem!he has it all, including a radio room and his dogs....
    I have yet to make it that far and I'm on my 3rd year as of September.
    I get a lot more a month than he does, but I have bills in the city that are eating me alive in the meantime!
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    just to answer a few questions from previous poster..there are mail services that u can use their address for your drivers licence,auto registration and ect..then when u want ur mail while you are on the road (most want their mail once a month) u can rent a night in a campground,and have your mail sent there. As for bathroom questions,a lot of rest stops,welcome centers have dumping station for sewer,no charge..u can refill your water storage tank with water at dumping station,there are signs warning "not for drinking" it can be used to shower and flushing..and these days most people buy bottled water anyway.Most rest areas/welcome centers will allow overnite parking,and most have security patrols. Most people dont know or realize that RV ers are welcome to park in Wal Mart parking lots!!! and they are secure too, Sam Walton was big time RV er..just take notice next time u pass wal marts..overnite parking is ok but im sure "long term parking" might turn the Wal Mart smiley face upside down making it a FROWN lol i can speak from personal experience on all the above (except the wal mart frown) one could travel this country coast to coast in self contained RV and spend very little above gas..and lots of state rest areas/welcome centers have free WIFI!!! soak it up,free internet is cheap enuff
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