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    I just saw an article on the 20 Survival Lessons from Lucifer's Hammer. For those that have never read it, Lucifer's Hammer is a classic SHTF book written in 1977 and in my top 3 favorite books. The characters are diverse and the SHTF scenario could happen.

    Lucifer's Hammer:
    Lucifer's Hammer: Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle: 9780449208137: Amazon.com: Books

    Here is the article on: 20 lesson's learned from Lucifer's Hammer.
    20 Survival Principles From the Classic Book, Lucifer’s Hammer - Survival Mom Please follow the link for the rest.

    I think they are pretty good. I feel if you read a book and it moves you to think out of your norm then the book did its job. One scene in the book sticks with me. We often talk about sheep, the people that are not awake and very unprepared. In the book there is one character, disaster is headed their way and to stock up on food, she buys bags of frozen food. It was a laughable, eye rolling but also sad part of the book. If a giant comet was headed this way, there would be a percentage of people that would stock up on frozen food.
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    I'ma check it out. Thanks. [afro]
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  3. bagpiper

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    Thanks Motomom...
    this is one of 'those' books I read as a youngun, and never took it to heart. It was just another SciFi book to me, at the time.
    Think I'll read it again...
    and thanks again, for the link.
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  4. UncleMorgan

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    Super Post, Moto. LH is one of the very best.
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  5. Sgt Nambu

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    Great book! It's extremely well written and entertaining, and it does make you think!
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  6. Oltymer

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    Read it years ago and it's a must read for any aspiring survivalist.

    I have discussions with people every week who seem unable to grasp the concept of no more electricity or gasoline. A situation which could come about by many means, not just a earthly comet strike.
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    The most interesting character in the book is the hippie postman. Things go totally to heck, he keeps right on doing his job, ties things together and gets along with everyone but the cannibals. Some functions of "government" are indeed universal and we can only hope that a few dedicated individuals, and that is the crux of the stories, that a few dedicated individuals with their skills, can transform society and recreate our world. Well worth reading and the back stories, what works and what may not work, are well worth thinking about.
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  8. Motomom34

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    I had never thought of it as a SciFi book but I guess that would be correct. I read it when I because a prepper.

    I think Lucifer's Hammer gave me hope. I do not have many skills that prepper groups look for, like nurses, mechanics etc. But I am an organizer so when reading LH, I realized I identified with that one of the character and she became vital to the group.
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  9. VERY good book. Does anyone remember "Alas Babylon" ? Similar but nuclear exchange between U.S. and U.S.S.R. War starts in of all places the Mideast. People make similar purchases. Electric dishwasher detergent!?. First "prepper/survivalist literature I read. And many times I read it. Kind-a dated now.
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  10. Bandit99

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    Excellent book! And, it is one I haven't read in a while so I think I will pull it out. He has written some great stuff as is one of my favorite authors. Strange but I haven't read 'Alas, Babylon' at least I doubt think I have. I will put that on my list also.
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  11. chelloveck

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    Jerry Pournelle is one of my favourite Sci-fi authors. Lucifer's Hammer is good for prepping / survivalist hypotheticals to war game. His novels are good reads.
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  12. Motomom34

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    @Marvin L. Steinhagen I loved Alas, Babylon. Another one of my favorites. It may be dated but I do think it is one of the better survival SHTF books. It showed common folks banding together and surviving.
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  13. Capt. Tyree

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    It must have been 30+ years ago when I first read "Lucifer's Hammer" as a sci-fi novel. The scenario, characters, and excellent research by Pournelle and Niven in the writing started me on the preparedness / self-reliant path.
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  14. OldDude49

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    Have the book somewhere and greatly enjoyed it... another one done by those two was Foot Fall IIRC very similar but with elephant like aliens attacking?

    the 2 also did a series called war world... thinkin the Christian Faulkenburg series was good 2... cover some interesting things...

    another and interesting author would be H. Beam Piper but has little about prepping in em... and is probably off topic...

    OOPS just thought I'd throw that out there...
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    One of my first post apoc fiction purchases as a kid that got me into the genre and still a part of my SHTF fiction collection. Just re-read it a few months ago. Parts are obviously a bit dated by now. I think that modern day CA would see a lot more solar and other alt power options that would ease some of the issues they had. I think the same issues of not fully preparing would still apply today.
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  16. Griff

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    I have LH on my Kindle app; one of those books worth going back to re-read every 5-10 years. Probably the first "survivalist" fiction I ever read, come to think of it.
    I remember being struck by the way Tim was left out in the cold by not having a way to remove squatters from his retreat. One of those things that you don't usually think about in everyday life. Its kinda fun to put myself in their shoes from the comfort of my couch.
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  17. Motomom34

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    I do the same thing, run mental exercises as if stuff was happening to me and how I would respond. That cabin scene was an eye-opener. Many think they can go to their BOL but do not have plans if some one with more bodies and bigger guns are there.
  18. DKR

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    I was struck by the 'one can of black pepper' meme. Those that study history of ancient peoples know that salt and pepper were worth their weight in gold at more than one point in time.

    As for the 20 Lessons piece -
    I spent the summer and Fall of 1974 driving one of these (yellow even) all over the western US for a USAF project. Doesn't get any better than that - civilian lease vehicle, civilian clothes, stay in hotels and "work" about 4 hours a night.
    Never had a lick of trouble - sad day when the Cornbinder left the market....
    Even met my future wife on that TDY. Best time ever.
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  19. Seawolf1090

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    Reading Lucifer's Hammer was the thing that got me interested in the Prepping lifestyle. I first read it in high school, early-mid 1970s.
    I read a lot of Niven and Pournelle's books.
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  20. hot diggity

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    An available classic.
    I have found copies often in used book stores and given them to others.
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