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Let Me Finish My Beer !

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Salted Weapon, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Salted Weapon

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    “Let me finish my beer."

    As we all look to another election this year, we also look at our kids different, we look at our dog different we are noticing more important things in life we have not before. In fact we have wondered for the first time maybe how long will I live and how bad could it what will I do and have I done enough?
    George Orwell once said in his book

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

    Recently many historian buffs have seen history repeating its self, not by hundreds of years but thousands. In fact us as a society have done this before. Now before you think I have lost my mind please read on just a bit more. The Roman Empire was one of he greatest technological, geographical and political success stories to have ever existed. And would retain that title until a small unknown nation called the Americas would blossom to what is the United States. In fact in 230 years no other nation can compare to success in such a short time compared to our growth except the Roman Empire. However no civilization has lost so much in such a short time other then the United States, our size power and ability can only be compared to such civilizations as the Romans. Now I wont go into all the amazing achievements of the Roman Empire, but at its start it was nothing but land and conquering, and ideals and at its peak it had technology never seen before and at its fall it fell farther and lost more then any nation to date including modern societies and yes even more then Germany did if you are thinking that. Are we on that same path ? Is it that severe ?

    In the late fourth century, the Western Roman Empire crumbled after a nearly 500-year run as the world’s greatest superpower. Historians have blamed the collapse on hundreds of different factors ranging from military failures and crippling taxation to natural disasters and even climate change. Still others argue that the Roman Empire didn’t really fall in 476 A.D., since its eastern half continued for another thousand years in the form of the Byzantine Empire. While just how—and when—the Empire fell remains a subject of ongoing debate, certain theories have emerged as the most popular explanations for Western Rome’s decline and disintegration. But why did it fail ?

    1. Ignoring threats from abroad.
    2. Constant wars and overspending had significantly lightened imperial coffers, and oppressive taxation and inflation had widened the gap between rich and poor, eliminating any middle class.
    3. Ignoring rising power and threats that would affect them economically and politically.
    4. Using the military far beyond what it was intended for .
    5. The political rot also extended to the Roman Senate, which failed to temper the excesses of the emperors due to its own widespread corruption and incompetence.
    6. Loss of values, and morality.
    7. Weakening Military compared to other regional powers.
    8. Unwanted immigration.
    Sound familiar , I'm sure it does.
    These are hard cold fact that took a society that had running water,toilets, sewers, commerce, health care systems, highways, mass production of food and good. mass entertainment no I am not talking about us, I am talking about the Roman Empire they even had automated technologies.
    In all reality this was the United States in a B.C. version. If you are not scared yet or are laughing it off, this is no joke and society has been here before.

    The same political corruption passed laws suppressing the people, suppressed their rights all to try and contain some control at the end. Old world power lost confidence in Rome and her ability to protect herself and her allies. What came next was the end of the Roman empire and 700 years later the land which she existed on still has not recovered this loss and power today.

    Do you feel like you are walking on broken glass at home, at your job, your not alone and its not you.
    But your life and mine is slowly being taken away and its as if it being done in slow motion.
    There has been for along time estimated about 125 years that a slow decline of our civilization has begun.
    When did it happen? Who was at the watch and missed it?

    The Honey Moon,
    Lets look at a marriage ending as an example we have all seen it in movies on tv or in maybe our own lives. It starts off well, but slowly one does not see the signs of the decline and by the time its near the end, their is panic, sorrow, hate and bitterness and everyone wants to blame everyone but themselves and its over. Why in a marriage fault can vary, and not seeing the signs well the end results eventually make blame and fault something that now wont matter and the end has come.

    Now that your totally bummed reading this article, we must as a nation realize that the end could be near, will we pay attention to the signs. The Romans did not. I am dead serious a culture that (debated time frame ) lasted around a 1000 years ended because of near mirror issues we have now that were ignored by their society and perhaps they never saw it coming because of their own arrogance and ignorance. More disturbing is , what if they did see it coming and all the kicking screaming and protest did nothing. Rome lost control of nearly every aspect of government at the decline. We are at near that point here, try not paying a parking ticket, taxes, or fees and see how much you do not exist in the society that is America. You own a home, lies. You own nothing that your government cant take away if you do not comply.

    Maybe at this point you are saying dam I need a drink what the hell Paul why write a depressing article of failure and no hope. Because you and I have read a million articles saying the end is near and we need help and with conspiracy after conspiracy we yawn get bored and go watch TV.
    But I wrote all the above and still believe you and I have time my friends. There is one thing that I say to you
    Patriot I say with hope and encouragement one thing the Romans had but did not truly understand was, patriotism, as they would use such terms to solidify families and small communities but not of country.
    Well I ask readers to no longer think of themselves as only American, but Patriots to all that they desire to recover from this nation. It once existed was freedom, the fact it once existed means that its possible get it back. We are free in our minds to desire this goal. I know we feel taxed and pushed into a corner. But whom are we, do we want to be a nation of compliance ? Or a nation of free men and women.
    Yea I get it freaking everyone rides the wave of " no compliance " and in the end laws pass we go WTF and wait for the next tree to fall. The first move is to vote, the Romans did not really have this voice you do, first lets get out this year and make sure we ask every freedom fighter we know you need them to vote, our country needs them to vote. In fact tell them the country is ill and only they can help find a cure by hitting the polls hard.

    Trump Wins, Election . Now what ?
    The election is just a few months off and we will soon know the fate of the United States.
    So in Jan 2016 everything will go back to normal and laws will be repealed and we will all have our BBQ's buy and share our firearms. And have fair wages and really afford our health care. Umm NO !
    It takes time and it takes progress the few years I was doing lobby work I was opposed by both sides by Liberals and Conservative. It will probably never be known that I alone with my lobby saved personal rights within Sb941 in Oregon that everyone ignored for the most part because the law sucked and it did but we also forced provision to save rights. To this day people here can give guns to family members and their kids because of what I did. However that was over shadowed by some very bitter and ugly people that wanted their own agenda, in fact my work never made the news and to this day Paul Cordell is not known for saving our rights where no other group did anything to stop that law. just us and with the help of some loyal members, Scott and Richard. Why did I throw this in ? Because Trump will have to try and fix a mess that is so far gone and we are so far in debt no one can realize it wont be pretty to fix. And I mean no one will realize the work he is doing and how hard it will be to preserve rights. I can tell you how easily it is to work your ass off only to be ignored and forgotten by others. But Trump can help us slow the decline and with help from all of us maybe even reverse the decline.
    But enough about my own personal struggles its just shows that there will be angry pissed off people on both sides if he wins. If Hilary wins there will be no fixes at all , so bare in mind if he wins it wont be all roses either but there will be progress in the kitchen even if we do not like the taste of the meal.

    The only thing you have to fear is fear its self :
    Well not exactly, in the last 150 years there have been major solar flares, ( now you are asking ours what does Romans, Trump and Solar Flares have to do with each other bare with me )
    On September 1–2, 1859 a record solar flare occurred and Aurorae were seen around the world, those in the northern hemisphere as far south as the Caribbean; those over the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. were so bright that their glow awoke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning the event would have knocked out power today for most of the USA, Canada, all the way down to Cuba and possible beyond. It would not just end for thatday it would in all probability knock out power permanently.However it wouldn't have knocked power out in China, Russia , Or todays Korea all that if happened today would leave the Americas crippled and easy pickings. There have been over 40 large solar flares that in affect are the same and having and EMP strike with similar results one of the largest in 1989 that did affect power . At 2:45 AM on March 13, electrical ground currents created by the magnetic storm found their way into the power grid of the Hydro-Quebec Power Authority. Giant capacitors tried to regulate these currents but failed within a few seconds as automatic protective systems took them off-line one by one. Suddenly, the entire 9,500 megawatt output from Hydro-Quebec's La Grande Hydroelectric Complex found itself without proper regulation. Power swings tripped the supply lines from the 2000 megawatt Churchill Falls generation complex, and 18 seconds later, the entire Quebec power grid collapsed. Six million people were affected as they woke to find no electricity to see them through a cold Quebec wintry night. People were trapped in darkened office buildings and elevators, stumbling around to find their way out. Traffic lights stopped working, Engineers from the major North American power companies were worried too. Some would later conclude that this could easily have been a $6 billion catastrophe affecting most US East Coast cities. All that prevented the cascade from affecting the United States were a few dozen capacitors on the Allegheny Network.had that occurred most of the eastern sea board would have gone black. We as a nation rely too much on technology to fix everything and not our own will and minds to do it, this could bite us in the ass if we are faced with a reality of a technology absent nation. If we do not unite as a country something as simple as a solar flare will disable us, and will leave us open to out side military action against us, yes just like the Roman had happen.

    Reality What a Concept :
    Reality is, to survive as a nation is not a given, even if we work hard, and try and preserve our freedom it may not be enough. If its not done by Liberals working to implode the USA then asteroids and the sun are trying to kill us. So does one go find a corner and hide and cry ? No, but it should wake us up and realize that its hard enough to fight for freedom and stay alive without hearing those whom want to give up, or whine whats the use it doesn't matter were screwed. Imagine if our forefather had decided the struggles were too great and danger too high to keep fighting, what if they complained about being to old, too tired ? You have the ability to make a difference, I know because my own little lobby did something no million dollar group did. That means there is a possibility there is hope even on small scales we can succeed. Unless anyone can see the future then it is not in stone, our rights can be returned and we can get control back from our government. We do have power, you have power the reality is will you ignore it and go back to your 9-5 and Big Macs and Starbucks Coffee. Or will you get involved and make a difference. Rome had the ability to stop the decline it was well within their reach, will we sit idly by waiting for the end or will we get involved, with our futures why we still can.

    Go to local city and county counsel meetings take vacation days to speak at your state capital. Vote, register to vote and tell others to do so. No you could stay home complain and watch TV each night and not get involved because you are tired and someone else will do it. But I tell you what history tells us it is you and you alone who will help this nation decline and die. The internet is great and even talking helps. But it wont invoke changes, even look at forming small friends and groups to go to meetings and even write as a group the American Revelation gave freedom to a country because one man at one time stood up and said not I . I wont do this anymore. I want my freedom. How bad do you want yours.

    The article was written to show the end will happen if we do nothing not might it will history proves it, but it also is written to show if we try hard we can have the possibility of change. But it wont happen if we fail to get involved. Others will take that place for us, and they will drive this country in a direction we may not want.

    To many people want to wait to get involved or as the title says let me finish my beer mentality until they get involved.


    Source my blog :West Coast Firearms
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    well wrote and those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to replete it over and over again
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  3. duane

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    Thank you for a good post and urging us to keep up the good fight. In our present nation of sheep and wolves, hearing another sheepdog bark is a good sign.
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  4. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    Truth well written.

    For evil men to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing.
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  5. Salted Weapon

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    Always liked that saying as it is as true, as it is simply said .
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    Hope it never comes to the old saying, It's a good day to die, but there are worse things if you are at peace with the Lord and have been backed into your last corner. But hope to put it off and do all that I can do to change things back to where they used to be. Talk, read, vote, educate the children, try to lead the good life and not let the bas***ds wear me down. It is almost amusing to watch all the idiots on tv talking and posturing and acting as if they really amounted to something in the grand scheme of life. Christ spent some time in a borrowed tomb, didn't have money to pay for his own, but few remember the name of the leader of the mighty Roman empire who had it all. .
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  7. Salted Weapon

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    Nicely said !!
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