Let Them Eat Cake

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Sep 30, 2005.

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    The Federal government does not have my permission to use any portion of my tax dollar to deny constitutional rights to my fellow citizens. I do not give them permission to use any portion in any discretionary means that might contribute to enforcement of laws that deny constitutional rights to any citizen of this country. I will not give permission to use any portion of my tax dollars to be used to subsidize any agency that’s agenda is to subjugate the rights and liberties of any citizen of this nation.
    I am a citizen of this country by birth and I am aware of the Rights I am guaranteed by the Constitution of our Republic. Violation of our rights negates all agreements that require me to participate in the support of this government, and as such, I am no longer willing to participate by financial contribution.
    You, the federal government, have over-stepped your boundaries and this is unacceptable and must be changed. You have successfully morphed our Republic into a shadow of a democracy and have convinced the majority that our rights were granted by you rather than mandated by us to you. As it is treason to financially support the subjugation of our constitution, I have totally withdrawn my financial support, as such as I am empowered to do so, until all such acts of treason are removed from your agenda.
    John Q. Citizen
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    I like it. May add some of it to the letter to the editor I'm writing on eminent domain... my local .gov is starting to get a little land grab crazy.

    Just condemned a 20 million dollar piece of vacant land after it wa.s sold at auction. They're going to find one day that they have pushed us too far, if not already
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