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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by knophear, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. knophear

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    Glock 19 or 17? Give me your experiences with them....(My pop is lookin fer a good nine for shtf) 19 is probably a good compromise b/t concealed carry and capacity....
  2. tommy20/69

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    i been havin my 17 for years and love it.i have aquierd alot of mags for it over the years . the one thing i have noticed is that people say to rotate your mags so you don't wear out the spring .well thats bullchit i have kept the same mags loaded for years and they still have the same pressure as when new. i still have to use the tool to load them that spring will never wear outi shoot it maybe twice a year but i load it right back up and in the closet it goes. so don't be afraid to keep them glock mags loaded now i can't say the same for other gun mags maybe they don't have the same quality as glock.
  3. toemag

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    Hey Tommy20/69

    I only ever had one stoppage with my Glock 17, and that was due to a mag spring breaking. Glock replaced it in a week free of any charges.

    If the laws were different over here I'd have one example of every Glock pistole ever made, the #18 would be a lot of fun.

  4. tommy20/69

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    i would like to have another glock too Tony . did they say what caused the spring to break? was it a new mag? i know them glock mags are a biatch to get loaded past the half way mark.lolif you ain't got the tool your screwed.
  5. RaymondPeter

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    I think you answered your question yourself. The both the 17 and the 19 are great choices. Right now the 19 might be a bit better to own since you can conceal it a little easier, after [shtf]the 17 might be a better choice if you are needing the extra rounds. If you (or your dad) can swing it why not have one of each? Having a main side arm and a BUG (back-up gun) that has nearly identical in operation is a good thing when your adrenaline is pumping.

    Just my [2c]
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