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    IF YOU CROSS THE NORTH KOREAN BORDER<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]
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    I think you've got it.
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    If you attempt to cross an Australian Border illegally

    If you attempt to cross an Australian Border illegally...you can spend several years in detention, until your status as a genuine humanitarian refugee is established....otherwise if you were a Catholic "pilgrim" who overstayed your visa (by months or years) consequent to your Pope's last Papal visit to Australia (Catholic World Youth Day), then, if caught, you are deported with a reprimand....not to do it again.

    WYD overstayers on the run - CathNews
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    You've got it right ,that doesn't make it any less sad !!!
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    Illegal Aliens Collecting WIC Vouchers in Georgia


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/H8IZtTiNoO8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/z92plqoP3GE" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
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    A nation without boarders is not really a nation. God help us
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    I agree with you there Larry. While I have no problem with immigrants, illegal and unmanaged immigration is damaging to security and economic growth. It is even an environmental problem. It makes our country the Central Park of nations. Looks pretty, but watch out for muggers and drug dealers; and don't forget that park bench is someone's bed.
  8. Espada

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    A California professor, US citizen whose loyalties are definitely not ours, recently was quoted, defending illegal immigration, as saying,

    "America is just a big fat whore, waiting to be plundered."

    Our corrupt government is so soft-gutted, it deserves that statement.

    But we don't.
  9. BTPost

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    He is absolutely right, in Kommiefornia.... HOWEVER he had better just stay in Kommiefornia, because if he tries to espouse that BS, in some of the other RED States, some good Old Boy is going to teach him a lesson, in "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" Politics..... ..... HMM will V.....
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    It is just one facet of a tremendous problem our gub has created and/or allowed to be created. We do not have true representatives anymore. They do what they want to feather their beds more and more. Now they are the elite class that no longer has to adhere to the laws the rest of us are bound by. Common sense is not so common in DC. Integrity is a worthless word and morality is a laughing matter. We bitter clingers are the enemy and conservatives are dangerous. Something is dreadfully wrong "up there".
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  11. chelloveck

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    Can you reference this Californian professor's remark?? University, date, location? The putative professor's name would do...Id like to check out the citation for more information, such as context etc.

    As to the highlighted remark...It matters not whether a person works for their income on their back, on their feet...or sitting down...or whether they have a high BMI, there is no legal or moral justification for plundering one's person or property. There are street prostitutes whose professional ethics would shame the politicians (of both parties) who make use of hookers' talents and services.
  12. chelloveck

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    The USA has borders...just that it has been ineffective in enforcing them. As has been pointed out before...if the USA was 100% effective in enforcing its borders, and deported all who were located in the USA illegally, there would be a catastrophic collapse in the economies of some states.

    Who will do the kind of low paid menial crappy work that legit American citizens won't touch with a barge pole because it is too low paid, to dirty, too hard, too dangerous, to low satus and menial to be worth doing. Illegals fill those niches, so they are tolerated and often exploited...by the places that employ them, for as long as it suits them to. This is all understood by Governments, employers and business interests, so in realpolitik terms there is a tacit tolerance of "illegals"...until noises have to be made...usually at election time when politicians perform the occasional pantomime for public consumption that they are actually doing something, when in fact they are actually laisez faire about the issue.
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    Right now? I would. Even registered on that pro-illegal alien website that was trying to claim Americans wouldn't take the challenge. Guess who never got a call?
  14. Espada

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    Just saw your request, Hombre ( "chelovek" in Spanish : ) ), but couldn't locate the exact article; just something about La Raza, MeChA and other Mexican hate-whitey groups and their preposterous attitudes and goals for our / "their" country. For small example, check out the slant in:

    RED ALERT -- La Raza: "If the American people found out..."
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    Even the "elected leader" feels that way.
  16. chelloveck

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    Thanks for the link....The Somali Coast Cruise package looks pretty appealing...but I'm reluctant to line Haliburton's pockets.

    Somali Coast Cruise Package

    I'm not sure what the solution is for the USA's intractible problem of illegal immigration, short of Mexico becoming as wealthy and as appealing a place to live as the USA. Though given the way that the USA seems to be headed, that equilibrium may not be as far into the future as might be imagined. : (
  17. Espada

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    I know you're being mostly facetious... mostly ! Mexico is a study in contrasts... the basic Mexican is Old World polite and friendly, courtly in some circumstances, while a few blocks over, cartel members have just dismembered a couple of business associates.

    There are villages in the hinterland where Spanish is not spoken, and traditions go back to Aztec days. There's more than a river that separates the USA from Mexico. The federal government's attitude toward its populace resembles Karzai's... they don't care what happens to the basic citizen as long as they're in the driver's seat and raking in their share of the spoils system. The average poor Mexicans are to be pitied, and the rest of them are just plain uncaring and cruel.

    Screwed up as much of America is right now, we are still Anglo-Saxons, and generally speaking, won't sink that far into the muck.

    (Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington DC are specifically omitted from that wishful prognostication !)
  18. chelloveck

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    You are quite correct....and although the Gringos are often despised South (and in many cases North) of the Rio Grande...the lifestyle opportunities in the USA are not despised...and therein lies the nub of the problem. When your own homeland is a cesspit of criminality and corruption and where life is miserable and uncertain, the idea of moving to where conditions are marginally better is understandably attractive, whatever the risks or the costs.
  19. ColtCarbine

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    They are not just doing low paid menial crappy work, many construction trade jobs have been taken over also. Since you do not live here and do not see it on the job sites, you would not know this.

    They are doing jobs Americans won't do BS. Labor laws in the agriculture industry imposed by government changed things. When I was a kid you could pick strawberries, beans, corn whatever. Not anymore the oppurtunities for the younger generarion is very limited because of government policies, not just laziness. Yes, they are being exploited by companies.
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  20. ghrit

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    Check out the Williston Basin in North Dakota. Crying for workers, and the AARP generation is working the drill rigs. Youngsters can't handle it for some reason, don't like the cold in spite of really, really good pay drilling the Bakken shale. (Equatorial immigrants don't go there either.)
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