Let's show off those C&R rifles

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TLynn, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. TLynn

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    I'll start off with a couple of unusual Turks. Okay so you say Turks are not unusual...these two are.

    While they are both K-Kale's, they are short, shorter than the so called M38's you all hear about. They come with bent bolts and the dark one is all matching, including bolt (well except for the floor plate).

    Neither of these rifles are new on the market - both were imported around 12-13 yrs ago.


    To give you a comparison to a full size Turk (I've never owned a M38 so I can't do the size comparison to one of those). Oops those are M38's I'm comparing them too. Dang it all, the full size turk is over at my friends house and is even longer than the two long ones in the bottom picture (yes I are stupid).


    Used to have a lot more C&R rifles but I've cut way down these days. I still have my love of a few - the Turks being one of them. I think it's because they're in 8mm.
  2. magnus392

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    Sweet Rifles, I should have picked me up a Yugo SKS when they where plentyfull....but there where so many AK kits around, lol. Looks good, who else has some?
  3. Seawolf1090

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    I have several C&R rifles, a few Mausers, a few Mosins, three Enfields, three SKS carbines.

    The first is my Spanish FR8 Mauser, in 7.62X51 caliber.

    Next are my two Chinese SKS's, the darker Sino-Soviet and the lighter Norinco.
    chinese_sks_carbines_norinco_fac_26_121. spanish_fr8_mauser_208.
  4. E.L.

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    Great pics! Nice rifles.
  5. TLynn

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    SeaWolf - thanks for sharing. Great pictures!
  6. monkeyman

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    I used to have an 8mm/56R Turkish mauser that I picked up for like $100 but then found out you couldnt get (ANY WHERE!) sport ammo for it and it also made me nervous with the straight draw bolt, you didnt flip it up you just slaped it back then forward to cycle it and I shoot left handed most of the time so I was alwayse half scared I would get some of the old surpluss ammo for it (the ONLY stuff available) with stick powder that had been banged around and have the bolt come back through my face. So when times got super hard and needed food in the house that one got sold for $50 to finance a trip to Aldis. Was a cool gun but just made me to nervous.
    My favorite C&R though is one my dad has. Its a 5.4mm German mauser that chambers and fires .22 lr ammo, which is actualy 5.5, and squeezes it through the barrel (occasionaly spliting the brass) and spits it out at higher vilocities than most high powered riffels, the thing has a true flat trajectory for at least 400 yards and is deadly accurate with far less recoil than a BB gun and nice and quiet especialy with CBs or BBs that out of that gun are still similar in power to a LR out of most other guns. Its the single shot that was used in the youth training camps to train the youth, its the same size, shape, weight and everything as the standard german mauser. Its SWEEEEEET!
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