Leviticus 19:28 makes sound medical sense - god may not save theists from their own stupidity

Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by chelloveck, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. chelloveck

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    A man who went swimming in the ocean after getting a tattoo with Christian symbolism, contrary to medical advice, died of septic shock after contracting a flesh eating bacterial infection via his tattooed pierced skin.

    This is the before image....

    The after image can be viewed at....Man with new tattoo ignores advice not to swim and dies after ocean dip (viewing is not for weak stomachs)

    Although I consider that much of the Abrahamic sacred texts consist of pap and crap....this particular commandment does have some sound medical basis. People whose immune system is compromised by liver disease (or other pathologies) might to also wish to take note of Leviticus 9:10-12....not only is eating such an abomination unto the lord...but eating the same, raw, can also be fatal.....all part of god's plan apparently.
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    Wow, that's a pretty horrific looking wound. I've heard of the parasite , but never actually seen the effects from it. That'll definetly keep me out of the swimming holes.
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    Goes to show, you cannot fix stupid.. Except perhaps by pushing the Reset Button, like this guy did!
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    According to God's commandments to the jewish priests, they were not to mark or scar their skin (no tattoos )
    Tattoos cutting and marking were common among pagan priests .
  5. duane

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    Don't have to be Jewish to recognize Leviticus as being the state of the art survival guide for the time and place and a lot of it still makes sense. Amazing how many of the proscribed foods are in this modern era regarded as tending towards higher than normal chance of having parasites, or health precautions that still make sense in situations of limited sanitation.
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    What has MOVED Society into a more Modern Way of Protien Production, is Refrigeration... Think about it... Before Refrigeration, most Meat Products had to Cooked, Smoked or Preserved, soon after butchering, or it wasn't edible by humans... Same with Milk Products.... The SuperMarket wouldn't exist, with out it....
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