Liars Who Attempt to Get Guns Not Punished

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    (Newser) – Both sides are bracing themselves ahead of Joe Biden's expected delivery of gun-control recommendations to President Obama tomorrow, with the head honcho of the NRA yesterday declaring that any attempts to pass an assault weapons ban would be DOA. But the New York Times today takes a look at one potential measure that has support across the board: Going after those who "lie and try." As the Times explains, almost 80,000 people weren't issued a gun in 2010 because they lied about past criminal behavior on background check forms. But just 0.05% of these people—44, to be precise—were charged.

    Increasing that ridiculously low level of prosecution is a gun-control move the White House is considering, in part because it wouldn't need to get Congress involved. Instead, it would simply push federal prosecutors to make these cases more of a priority. Convicting these liars isn't always easy though, explains a DOJ official, because "you have to prove that the person knew they were lying when they tried to purchase the firearm," and the resources needed to do so results in a maximum conviction that's typically only six months. A DOJ study found that 47% of the 80,000 had been convicted of a felony or faced such a charge; another 19% were fugitives.

    Liars Who Attempt to Get Gun Not Punished - Only 44 charged of 80K who fudged background-check forms in 2010
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    Those needing to fudge your background check, just go to Mexico to get your arms or look up those maps of gun-owners in NY and wait until they're at work to borrow them for a while. :rolleyes:

    Politicians are scum. So, THEY chose NOT to go after these people, now, it's a problem and they're going to solve it? Refer to this thread.
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    Not to mention the size and scope of what constitutes a "felony" is steadily increasing. The "law abiding" crowd dwindles more by the hour.
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    I heard 0bama on the radio; he knows Congress will not pass an AWB so he will do what is in his power as president. So you can bet an EO which overrides the BOR is coming.

    Jawohl Herr Reich Fuhrer 0bama.
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    Executive Orders, as I understand it, stem from being in a declared state of emergency (several actually) It is a WAR time power. So all we need to do, is kick everybody's butt overseas, make everybody here feel safe, have these states of Emergency put to rest (some of which have been in effect for decades) and we will be able to get back to following the Constitution, without all the interference. Piece of cake :rolleyes:
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