Lib-tardisms, remind you of anyone?

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    At least one other creditable site claimed that Ginsburg claimed she would resign/leave if Donald won, so that may be true. No, I will not post a link to it as if you are too stupid to do a web search of it, you are too lib-tarded for me to deal with anyway. I also posted this here instead of the "Political" section of "General Discussion" like at least one other person did, because, well, I'm not lib-tarded and supported Donald from the start.

    These are almost all excellent and very accurate*. I s’pose ‘twas rather naive of Us to expect that They would just say: “OK, You Won; We’ll Quit Bein’ Lib-Tard A-Holes, Now”! We must be even more vigilant/active, now that Trump has been Elected; as with the following:

    * - Except for the Ginsburg one: FALSE: Ruth Ginsburg Threatens to 'Resign from SCOTUS' If Trump Is Elected President This “Faux News” stuff was funny, back when it was like The Onion, where – if you didn’t know this was a Satire Site, then that’s your fault. Nowadays, there are ‘Sites that not only don’t clearly ID themselves as Ersatz (even if’n ‘tis cleeeeeear down at the bottom of the ‘Page, in teeeensy-weeeensy wee-li’l letters), but go to some lengths to present themselves as “Legit”. At least a couple of ‘em “Front” as the WebSource of some nonexistent Newspaper w/ a really impressive-sounding name!

    There’s no need to get proud & arrogant and overbearing (although, there certainly IS Justification for it), but there sureashell isn’t any need to follow the sniveling P.C. Protocols any longer, and I’ve been seeing this. Not antagonistic, not aggressive - but when some LibTard starts spoutin’ off, cut ‘em right off and tell ‘em How It Is, Now. PMC

    It comes up when I hit edit, but if you can't get it to work, drop me an email and I'll send it to you. Or hit quote, that worked too.

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    Ginsburg had been talking about retiring even before Trump won the election, she is 83 years old and would probably like to have some time off before she kicks the bucket. Stephen Breyer, 78 is also rumored to be considering retiring. Both being the ultra-liberals of the Supreme Court.

    We have a chance to reverse the progressive tide that has taken over our country.
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    I suppose we should not forget all the Hollywood pot stirrers that threatened to go for the last year or so, and then publicly backed out the day after the election. Old news about old (and young) boneheads.
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    I think they will both try to hold out to see if Trump will be a one term President. Neither will be pleased to be replaced by a Trump appointee.
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    Just goes to prove what manipulators the democrats are false threatening to leave hoping to sway the public by that .
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