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    Why does anyone is school face discipline (in general)? Answer: they were caught breaking some rule that the school says "for this act, you will receive punishment."

    So, we can say that (in general): one's behavior/actions are the cause of school discipline. If one's actions did NOT break a rule, there would be no discipline. Just like behavior outside of school. In general, being arrested was due in large part by one's actions/behavior. Just like contracting HIV/an STD was due to one's behavior.

    The logical conclusion is that black disproportionately engage in behavior that results in school discipline. Criminal justice literature shows that the reason blacks are disproportionately in jail/prison is because they disproportionately engage in criminal activities.

    I just don't see how liberals can put up with this. It wouldn't surprise me if the Kenyan had an executive order outlawing the personal accountability. "You didn't do that behavior...because you live in society, somebody helped you do that, you weren't alone.

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    Liberal and logic in the same sentence [loco]
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    Liberal logic?

    Did a twister take me to oz?
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    A contradiction if ever there was one. On the EO--I think we have reached a limit on helping "them". About time they started taking charge of their own lives. Personally am getting very tired of supporting them. Real tired.
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    Using obamalogic, the criminal didn't do his crimes alone..... the FedGov HELPED him!! :rolleyes:
  6. I like balance. For every black that goes to college, 100 go to jail. That was a statement by Collin Powell back around 2000. It's sad. Most blacks die at the hands of other blacks.

    In scientific, theoretical work, a theory or hypothesis is only valid if it can be shown there is a theory or hypothesis that, if such were correct, it would fail the favored theorem. There must be a theory of liberal logic that has the potential to fail the one of conservative logic, same as one of mine or string theory having the potential to fail the Big Bang. It is the evidence of probability divided by evidence that proves a theory that decides whether it emerges into a law of accepted fact.

    If 100 blacks go to jail, 100 whites and other creeds will be solicited to take their place. Logic is blind to politics or skin color.
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