Second Amendment Liberal shooters ?

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by NotSoSneaky, May 5, 2013.

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    Got this from a friend, thought to pass it on.
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    Liberals voted for gun control to keep themselves from going "postal".I guess it all makes sense now their all crazy, but now I can't buy an Ak or Ar.
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    So does that mean we should be able to register "Republican" and get off the crazy list?
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    not trying to be funny, I really mean this. The fostering of fear and hatred of firearms has been the cause of a tremendous amount of decline in this country. I think it is the greatest evil of our time, right ahead of 'public schools'.
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    Extremist ideals and radical philosophies typically have negative effects on traditional authority. Today, we have Liberals and Conservatives, each following party platform rhetoric and fighting against each other. Then, we have "Bipartisanship", a method to blur the lines and essentially disguise the concerted effort to undermine our sovereignty. Whether it's through the left or right, the false paradigm has taken hold, and there's no sign of it ever letting go.

    The Liberal (Democrat) perspective is usually extreme in areas where the educated, white collar yuppie types have lost touch with reality and they refuse to acknowledge the importance of traditional authority. The Conservative (Republican) perspective is generally less extreme in areas covered by its antithesis, but more extreme in the polar opposite dealing with military expansionism. Where the former concentrates on expanding government nationally and creating more laws and social constructs, the latter concentrates on expanding the corporate empire globally. Both rely upon nationalistic pride, and both have perpetuated their power base, often times ignoring past policies and making false promises.

    How many times do the people need to flip-flop on "leadership", accepting promises and handouts as some kind of vain reimbursement for their liberty?

    As it stands on this particular issue of gun control, the right may very well be the lesser of the two evils, but it is still evil nonetheless.
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    "Republicans", you'd be right. "Conservatives" are not to be found. There is no "right".
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